The Hawaiian-Inspired Trader Joe's Cake Mix That's Almost Too Easy

Unlike other grocery stores, which typically take a no-nonsense approach to their inventory, Trader Joe's is well-known for its many fun and interesting products. Much of the store's appeal lies in its expansive listing of private-label products, which are sourced by the great minds at Trader Joe's with an emphasis on quality and satisfaction. The store looks for products that are affordable, but also free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. As a result, the chain has a loyal following of customers who enthusiastically anticipate new releases.

Just in time for summer, the chain is now touting a tasty cake mix that will be a smash hit at backyard barbecues, picnics, and other outdoor events. Mochi Cake Mix is inspired by a dessert that is wildly popular in Hawaii, but less well-known throughout the rest of the U.S. Even better, this cake mix is surprisingly easy to prepare, which means that even novice bakers can whip up something amazing in no time at all.

A delightful treat with a spring in its step

For the uninitiated, butter mochi is a custardy cake that's made with mochiko, a type of sweetened rice flour. In addition to the subtly sweet flavors, the texture of this dish is also to die for. While the exterior crust offers a toothsome crunch, the interior is soft and springy. The exact origin of butter mochi is not known, but the dessert is similar to a Japanese dessert called chi chi dango, as well as a Filipino preparation called bibingka. Both recipes have flavors and textures similar to butter mochi.

While butter mochi recipes aren't too difficult to follow, Trader Joe's boxed mix makes it easier than ever to create this dish. In addition to the mix, the preparation calls for melted butter, eggs, and water. Incorporating the ingredients is surprisingly simple, as the batter will take on a smooth, pleasing texture with some minimal whisking. And once the cake is fully baked and cooled, its texture ensures that it can be removed from the pan without issue. While you can enjoy Trader Joe's Mochi Cake Mix according to the box instructions, there are also some fun ways to jazz up the dessert.

Variations on Trader Joe's mochi mix

Mochi Cake Mix has a delectable coconut-tinged custardy flavor right out of the box. However, you can incorporate other ingredients to satisfy your own personal tastes. If you love chocolate more than life itself, you can include unsweetened cocoa powder to infuse the treat with so much chocolatey goodness. And if that's still not enough chocolate for your sweet tooth, consider adding some semi-sweet chocolate chips to the recipe.

If you want something richer, you can replace the water in the recipe with coconut milk. This switch ensures your butter mochi is brimming with coconut flavor, but it will also create an unbelievably smooth and rich texture. You can also add matcha powder to your list of ingredients, which is derived from grinding up green tea leaves. Matcha is often said to have an earthy flavor with fresh, grassy notes. It's the perfect way to temper the sweetness of butter mochi for greater depth when it comes to flavors.