Let Publix's BOGO Deals Pay For Your Pantry Staples

While food prices are easing a bit after years of elevation, consumers are still faced with high grocery bills. According to CNN Business, the cost of groceries increased by 11.3% from 2022 to 2023, an increase that's left many people looking for ways to stretch their household budgets even further. Price increases have even affected staple groceries, which are those essential items that every pantry must contain. Fortunately, one supermarket chain makes it easy to buy groceries, even when customers are on a restricted budget.

Publix is a beloved grocery store with 1,361 locations spread out across eight states, including Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Customers love this chain for numerous reasons, from the high-quality yet affordable private-label products to the friendliness of the staff. Shoppers also love the many great deals available at Publix, especially when it comes to the Buy One, Get One Free (aka BOGO) offers the store is synonymous with. These deals are so substantial that they can even help you save money on those essential grocery items.

You can't beat a good BOGO offer

Every week, shoppers at Publix can take advantage of numerous BOGO deals, which include up to 30 specials. BOGOs are available across many grocery categories, including housewares, personal care items, and even liquor in select locations. However, the most impressive BOGO deals are the ones that involve grocery staples, as these savings can add up exponentially as you shop.

When it comes to meat, a staple food of many households, Publix takes some of the sting out of customers' grocery bills by offering substantial savings. For instance, select locations are offering BOGO deals on smoked sausage, for a savings of up to $6.03. As for dairy, the store is currently featuring a BOGO on cheese that can net shoppers up to $4.85 in savings. Similar deals are available for produce, frozen meals, soup, and many other items. Savvy shoppers may even be able to pay for grocery staples by stocking up on deals as they become available at Publix. Of course, the chain also offers other ways for shoppers to save.

Other ways to save when shopping at Publix

Like many other supermarkets, Publix offers customers the chance to score big savings with its special loyalty program. Club Publix offers personalized savings, including digital coupons and hand-picked deals for customers based on their spending habits. Even better, it's completely free to join. Shoppers can join the loyalty program by creating an account online, at which point they'll begin receiving specialized offers in their inboxes.

In addition to the savings associated with Publix, customers will also enjoy a more convenient shopping experience after signing up. For instance, you can use the Publix app to pay for groceries during checkout. You'll also receive e-receipts, which help with budgeting since you'll be able to conveniently track purchases that you make when grocery shopping. Despite concerns about elevated food prices, Publix shoppers know they can score amazing deals while buying essential goods for the home.