The Sweetest Secret About Publix Might Get You A Special Treat

It's no secret that Publix goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. The chain's loyalty program, Club Publix, is replete with all kinds of deals and savings personalized to the needs of each customer. Customers are also privy to weekly specials, which saves them money on a wide range of items. Shoppers who sign up for the free loyalty program even receive a free treat on their birthdays, as well as other cool perks throughout the year.

This considerate attitude extends to the Publix staff, who play a crucial role in the company in numerous ways. Unlike other supermarket chains, Publix employees can purchase shares of the company's stock. That makes Publix America's biggest employee-owned company. This investment in the company makes workers feel appreciated, which in turn influences the quality of the service they provide to customers. As for shoppers, they can receive their own rewards for a simple gesture of appreciation.

Get free stuff for being kind

They say kindness is its own reward, and being polite to others definitely makes life a whole lot easier and more pleasant. However, Publix incentivizes kindness by offering customers something in return for their friendly demeanors. Next time you're shopping for groceries at the chain, take the time to compliment an employee. To return the favor, Publix kindly offers customers a coupon that will net them a free deli sandwich. After all, the store's "Pub Subs" are the stuff of legend among shoppers who get to choose from a tasty variety, which includes corned beef, turkey, and Philly cheese.

As for the employees of this chain, many praise Publix for being an exceptional place to work, according to a survey featured on Great Place to Work. Of those polled, 83% claimed that the supermarket chain is "a great place to work." Additionally, 91% state that management provides access to the essential resources necessary to complete their jobs, while 87% said they're free to take time off work when needed. Based on these numbers, it's easy to see why Publix has made Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For listing for 25 years in a row. In addition to its treatment of employees, Publix also prides itself on the quality of the chain's customer service.

Other ways Publix gives back to its customers

Publix is a distinctly southern chain, with all of its 1,361 stores located in the south, including Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, and many other states. As a result, the supermarket exudes southern hospitality at every turn, which has won the hearts of devoted shoppers. When it comes to convenience, each location utilizes a no-nonsense layout that enables shoppers to find exactly what they're looking for with minimal effort. Additionally, the chain features a private label brand that offers high-quality products for a more affordable price than what you get from major name brands.

Speaking of savings, Publix is quite generous with its deals and specials, including the Buy One, Get One offer on all sorts of items, including grocery staples like meat, cheese, eggs, produce, and more. The chain is equally generous when it comes to free samples, and the deli counter staff will even provide free lunch meat samples to customers as they place orders. While grocery shopping is a chore that few people get excited about, Publix makes it as stress-free and convenient as possible for shoppers.