Here's Why You Should Be Reheating Roast Chicken On The Stovetop

The once mundane roast chicken has been transformed to become a staple in American restaurants and cuisine, and for a good reason. It's easy to make, incredibly versatile, and packed full of flavor. Once you've cooked the perfect roast chicken, however, reheating it can be a bit tricky. It might be second nature to just throw it in the microwave or oven, creating a bland, dehydrated, and otherwise less enjoyable meal. Did you know that reheating roast chicken on the stovetop can actually be the best way to preserve its juicy tenderness and delicious flavor?

The next time you find yourself with leftover roast chicken, consider reheating it on the stovetop. With its precise temperature control, quick cooking time, and ability to enhance the flavor of your chicken, it's the perfect way to enjoy your meal all over again. After using this stovetop method, you'll never want to reheat roast chicken any other way.

Why the stovetop works best for reheating roast chicken

Reheating roast chicken on the stovetop works for two main reasons: time and temperature control. Choosing stovetop reheating allows for a faster cooking time than in the oven. While the oven may take up to 20-30 minutes to fully reheat your chicken, the stovetop can take as little as 5-10 minutes. This can be a lifesaver if you're short on time or if you're just too hungry to wait. Reheating on the stovetop also offers more control of the temperature, making it much more precise than with a microwave. This means you can gently reheat the chicken without overcooking it or drying it out.

If that wasn't enough reason to opt for the stovetop, another benefit of reheating on the stovetop is that you can also add additional ingredients to enhance the flavor of your chicken. Adding garlic, onions, or herbs to the skillet creates a delicious melody of flavors that perfectly complements the chicken.

How to reheat roast chicken on the stove

For the best way to reheat roast chicken, opt for the stovetop. To start, begin by removing any bones or skin that may be left over on the roast chicken. Then, cut the chicken into small, bite-sized strips aiming for about an inch in thickness. The key to this method is using chicken broth to create a juicy, tender chicken. Heat a skillet over medium heat, and add enough chicken broth to cover the bottom of the pan, seasoning with salt to taste.

Add the chicken strips to the stock once it begins to simmer and stir until the chicken is fully reheated, reaching an internal temperature of 165˚F. If the broth begins to evaporate, add a splash more until there's enough to immerse the chicken. Once done, drain the chicken from the broth and enjoy your perfectly reheated roast chicken.