Want To Get Costco Liquor Delivered? Here Are The States You Have To Live In

Sometimes that Costco rotisserie chicken or meat ravioli dinner just tastes better with a cold beer or bottle of wine. And when the refrigerator is only stocked with juice boxes, Costco liquor delivery might be the solution to that dinnertime dilemma. 

Costco began offering same-day delivery through Instacart in 2019. And while many members would appreciate the click, order, deliver option on that beer case, the option is not available everywhere. Only the following states offer same-day alcohol delivery: California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. As states change their regulations, this list could evolve. (In addition, other state and local laws, including Blue Laws, can influence delivery options.)

Although there is convenience to alcohol arriving at the doorstep, it's not a drop-and-go option. Similar to any alcohol delivery via Instacart, purchasers have to verify their ID and be present to accept the package. In addition, Instacart has several rules on alcohol delivery, including no delivery to retail businesses. Unlike those scenes in "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead," that epic event will need an adult to be on hand for the delivery. Still, when that thirst strikes and the wine glass is empty, Costco and Instacart could have you covered.

What caused a higher demand in alcohol delivery?

Sometimes, there are moments when going to the store isn't the most ideal option. Whether it's running out of beer during the backyard cookout or feeling too under the weather to venture out to go shopping, being able to order beer, wine, and other spirits for delivery is a simple convenience. Companies including Drizly, Shipt, and Instacart have streamlined the process in states where alcohol delivery is permitted. But why has there been an uptick in demand?

According to an alcohol and delivery trend survey published by Upper, Inc. the sector's growth began during the pandemic. While that shopping method might have been due to circumstances, many people appreciated the convenience. As companies solidify their e-commerce channels, the ease that ordering can offer a retail boom.

On the other hand, the increase in demand comes with a side of caution. Ensuring that appropriate consumers receive the alcohol orders is vital. For those people with their IDs ready who prefer to stay in their comfy clothes, alcohol delivery might be the Friday night preference.

Will alcohol delivery continue to grow?

From a restaurant's specialty margarita with that burrito to a bottle of wine with the grocery delivery, shoppers might prefer to have food and beverages delivered together. As reported by Beverage Daily, alcohol e-commerce sales are expected to rise by 66% by 2025. Fueled by consumer preference during the pandemic, companies are learning to embrace both the restaurant sale portion and the storefront option when it comes to fulfilling customer demand.

Earlier this year, Grubhub predicted that restaurants will continue to grow their alcohol delivery options. To-go cocktails have offered increased profits while giving consumers what they want. Specifically, consumers have a particular thirst for certain beverages. Popular choices are beer, margaritas, and hot sake.

While only 17 states allow this type of alcohol delivery, consumers are thirsty for the option. Whether it's the local liquor store that gets a boost from Drizly or checking off the entire shopping list via Instacart, the benefit to both the consumer and the business is positive.