The 'Succession' Drinking Game To Indulge In The Final Season

The fourth and final season of HBO's "Succession" will continue to bogart fans' Sunday evenings with interfamilial bidding wars, charged boardroom glances, dramatic orchestral swells, and monochromatic outfits until May 28. The award-winning series, which follows an uber-rich New York City media family vying at once for existential peace and mountains of cash, has picked up where the previous season left off at the dizzying speed of an ATN underling who's late for a meeting.  

As of Episode 2, Logan Roy has been "terrifyingly moseying" around the ATN offices, making half apologies to his children in the afterglow of his eldest son's karaoke rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat," and offering divorce advice to his daughter's husband. We don't know what's in store for the rest of the season, but we do know that we'll need a drink or three to cope with the drama of it all. We might even shake up a batch of Jägeritas if things get crazy.

With that in mind, allow us to advise you on when to take a swig (and when to take a shot) as you enjoy the remaining episodes. Just make sure you have some high-calorie infosnacks on hand to soak up all the booze. 

Take a drink when...

  1. You hear the word "pivot."
  2. A member of the Roy family makes a joke about incest.
  3. Roman is referred to by his nickname, Romulus.
  4. Someone gets on a helicopter.
  5. Someone says the word "helicopter."
  6. The Roy siblings watch the news on TV together.
  7. Tom runs.
  8. Tom gets Greg in trouble but Greg still loves him.
  9. Greg refers to himself and Tom as "The Disgusting Brothers."
  10. One of the main characters eats food — it's rare!
  11. Brian Cox (Logan) betrays his Scottish accent while yelling "You're all f****** morons!"
  12. Kendall leaves to take a moment for himself.
  13. One of the Roy siblings alludes to the time Kendall accidentally killed a waiter. 
  14. Kendall starts rapping.
  15. Logan says or does something to suggest he is on the brink of death.
  16. Kerry looks sad about her rapidly shuttered career as a news anchor. 
  17. Someone mentions Brooklyn.
  18. Willa looks uncomfortable. 
  19. Kendall wears a hat.

Take a shot (or just a big sip of your drink) when...

  1. You dissociate from the drama of the show and are faced with the stark reality of the 1%.
  2. Someone says a word or phrase that you don't understand and that you suspect is made up. (Examples from previous seasons include "petro-ruble rich," "golf umbrella," "Morgan Stanley sex pest," "strategy of a thousand lifeboats," and "perspicacious.")
  3. Logan screams at a group of people with the force of a thousand kings.
    The following are the products of our wild imagination and may or may not actually happen on the show.
  4. Roman chooses Logan over his siblings.
  5. Logan hugs his children and cries. 
  6. Logan dies.
  7. Kerry quits. 
  8. Gerri starts her own business.
  9. Shiv takes a lover.
  10. Shiv runs for President of the United States.
  11. Kendall runs for Vice President of the United States.
  12. The Roy siblings donate all their money to affordable housing initiatives.