Where Is Pasta By Hudson From Shark Tank Today?

Brandon Fay was inspired by his daughter, Hudson, and her love of pasta to start serving delicious food to the masses. He named his restaurant — Pasta by Hudson — after her, and began pursuing the best way to bring classic Italian dishes to his customers.

Fay told the "Shark Tank" investors that he had hoped to create a faster and fresher pasta experience. Rather than waiting for a table at an Italian restaurant, Fay wanted his customers to enjoy a helping of freshly made, hot pasta as quickly as possible. At the time of his "Shark Tank" appearance, his quick-service restaurant allowed customers to customize their bowls, choosing from a variety of pasta shapes, sauces, and toppings starting at $8.95.

He also offered his food for delivery with online orders. Though Fay had found success with his New York City restaurant, he hoped to open more locations in high-volume spots, such as food courts. 

Fay wanted to open future locations

Pasta By Hudson appeared in Season 11, Episode 17 of "Shark Tank." Founder Brandon Fay approached the Sharks with samples of his pasta dishes, seeking a $150,000 investment for a tenth of the company. 

Daymond John told Fay he thought it was "a genius idea," but he couldn't enjoy the food due to a personal health concern, so he was out. Kevin O'Leary liked the business but said it wasn't ready to franchise yet. He said that it was too early to invest, so he was out.

Mark Cuban pushed for Fay to pursue a delivery-only method, using a satellite kitchen instead of operating a full quick-service restaurant; Fay said he was open to the idea. Barbara Corcoran praised the food she ate and made Fay a deal: $150,000, but she wanted 50% of an online business selling meatballs.

Lori Greiner and Cuban decided to go in on a deal together. Cuban wanted 20% of the company, so he offered $100,000. Lori would make up the other $50,000 in exchange for 10%. Cuban pushed for more satellite kitchen operations, which Fay agreed to, and the trio sealed the deal with hugs.

You can order Pasta by Hudson's food in New York

Brandon Fay was visibly thrilled about the deal, dancing out of the studio after making the deal on "Shark Tank." In his exit interview, he said he was "feeling awesome." He also said, "Dreams come true, especially in the Shark Tank."

In a December 2020 Facebook post, Pasta by Hudson revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic had shut down the restaurant's location at Turnstyle Underground Market. However, the company thanked Lori Greiner, crediting her with supporting the business during difficulties. The restaurant persevered and was able to open a brick-and-mortar location in Chelsea.

Today, Pasta by Hudson has two locations, both in New York. The 7th Avenue location in Chelsea, which opened in 2020, features an outdoor café and gazebo, serving pizza, pasta, beer, and wine. (Of course, customers can still create custom bowls of pasta.) The second is a sister location, The Perry Club. The restaurant features a slightly different vibe with two speakeasy-style rooms. The restaurant also serves pizza, pasta, and seafood.