Bobby Flay Has Mixed Feelings About Sheet Pan Baked Eggs

Chef Bobby Flay is no stranger to breakfast foods, considering the title of his one-time TV show "Brunch @ Bobby's," at any rate. So you could say it's thanks to his familiarity with all things brunch that it's no surprise that Flay had something to say about an unusual egg-making method.

If you're cooking for a crowd, sheet pan eggs can be a great way to whip up a fast batch of eggs quickly and easily. Whether you're serving the eggs as a dish on their own or slicing up squares to make breakfast sandwiches, cooking eggs on a sheet pan can be a great way to guarantee everyone's eggs are done at exactly the same time. However, when it came to making over easy eggs on a sheet pan, Flay was skeptical — at least at first — as he reacted to the preparation method in a video posted to Food Network's TikTok account.

Bobby Flay previously failed at making over easy eggs on a sheet pan

The TikTok video starts off with a baking sheet being coated in oil, after which it's then placed into an oven. (The tray should be heated at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for around 15 minutes.) While the tray heats, a dozen eggs are cracked into a bowl. Then, after the tray is pulled out of the oven, the eggs are poured onto the tray, and seasoned with salt and pepper.


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At first, Flay, responding in true real-time reaction form, seems a little dubious that the recipe will go off without a hitch. "I tried something like this once," comments Flay. "It didn't work out for me." But it seems Flay is proved wrong in the end. After the egg-filled tray is placed back into the oven and baked for five minutes, the result is undeniable: a sheet full of over-easy eggs, with whites that could be easily sliced with a spatula. 

"I'll try that," Flay finally concludes, indicating he's open-minded to trying out the method himself.

Commenters were excited about the idea

Some commenters noted that they had previously tried the method and found success. "It worked great for me when I had 20 people for brunch!" wrote one TikTok user. "I do this when we have company," commented another. "Works great to make a lot of breakfast and you can do this with several things." (Riffing off of that last comment, you can even add a variety of toppings like cheese, herbs, prosciutto, or vegetables to upgrade the eggs and make them into something resembling a mini omelet.)

Another user was interested in seeing Bobby Flay's take on the eggs. "Bobby needs to try it and make a video," she wrote. Though Flay has yet to make a video showing his second attempt at the sheet pan eggs, the video seemed to inspire many, who expressed their own interest in giving the concept a shot.