The Time-Saving Muffin Tin Tip For Easy Pre-Made Smoothies

In recent years, more and more people have been looking to start their mornings on the right foot by eating a nutritious breakfast. There's nothing inherently wrong with eggs and bacon, but many folks have decided that a lighter, fresher breakfast is a better source of fuel. As a result of this trend, we've seen a smoothie revolution.

Of course, all smoothies aren't created equal. But from a nutritional standpoint, blending fruits and veggies with protein and other supplements (as long as you're cautious about the ingredients you choose) is  a healthy option.

Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that could impact your decision to switch to smoothies. Hearing the earth-shattering shriek of a blender first thing in the morning isn't anyone's idea of a pleasant wakeup; blenders can hit 100 decibels, enough to damage your ears. Additionally, assembling all of the different ingredients necessary to make a both nutritionally balanced and sufficiently delicious smoothie can be a tedious task. However, by using a muffin tin, you could shorten your smoothie's preparation time considerably and set yourself up for a daily dose of fruits and veggies.

Muffin tins make smoothies simpler

The daily drag that washing a slew of smoothie-covered dishes exerts on your healthy eating habits cannot be understated. Making bulk batches of smoothies can help solve this issue, as your prep work can be confined to a single afternoon.

Think of pre-made smoothies like ice cubes and your muffin tin like a massive ice tray. All it takes is a little bit of math to scale up your chosen recipe. Then, fill up each individual section of your muffin tray with the liquified smoothie and place them in the freezer.

To simplify the process even further, use a flexible silicone tin. That way, when it comes time to enjoy your healthy breakfast, the frozen smoothies won't adhere to the sides of your naturally nonstick silicone baking tray. All you need to do is pop the perfectly formed smoothie pucks into your blender, add liquid, and hit the start button.

Alternative smoothie prep solutions

While the deep, uniform pockets of a muffin tin may be the most effective way to portion out your prepped smoothie batch, you shouldn't shy away from smoothies just because you don't own the correct baking implement. For example, TikTok user @plantedinthekitchen freezes her blended mixtures using one of the aforementioned silicone ice trays, creating beautifully colored blocks in the process. 

Another TikToker, user @plantyou, places their smoothie ingredients in Mason jars and freezes the unblended mixture for future use. (Then again, leaving the ingredients intact all but eliminates the cleanup benefits of freezing your smoothies.)

One of the reasons the muffin tin smoothie tip is such an important kitchen technique is the endless variety of different drinks you can freeze in preparation for the future. If you're overwhelmed, here are 20 healthy smoothie recipes that taste great to get you started on your smoothie journey.