Trader Joe's Debuts First Ready-To-Eat Poke Bowl With A Vegan Twist

Poke bowls typically contain raw fish, seaweed, and a variety of other toppings, covered in soy sauce. While fish is the usual protein found in these bowls, Trader Joe's is appealing to vegan fans with its spin on the meal. The newest Trader Joe's-branded product has just hit grocery store shelves, and customers can now grab ready-to-eat vegan poke bowls that swap out the fish for a plant-based item.

Natasha Fischer runs the Instagram account @traderjoeslist, which often shares new products available at the grocery store chain. Fischer shared the bowl's ingredients list, which contains sesame soy sauce marinated beets in place of fish. However, the bowl does include some more standard poke bowl ingredients. The beets are mixed in alongside green onions, jalapeños, cucumbers, seaweed, sesame seeds, and a sriracha chile sauce.

While the swap is a deviation from the norm, it has some Trader Joe's fans intrigued.

This vegan poke bowl is ready to eat

Instagram user @traderjoeslist shared their review of the food, explaining that they're a fan of poke bowls and enjoyed the swap. They said the beets were "extremely similar to ahi tuna poke, but the texture was a bit more firm." They also noted that it wasn't too salty, so it was easy to add a little extra soy sauce; they recommended enjoying it with rice or a cucumber salad.

Some Instagram users commented on the post, sharing their excitement surrounding the food. "Those ingredients are pretty good!" wrote user @dianashaggy. Another comment, from @rwentsler, reads "Yummy! Will definitely try." One user, @tshamps, had already tried the bowl and wrote "Love it! So good."

The @traderjoeslist post shows that the ready-to-eat beet poke bowl retails for around $4.99 and can be found in the refrigerated section of the store, near the pre-packaged sandwiches.