Martha Stewart Just Launched A Curated Culinary Collection On Etsy

Martha Stewart is, first and foremost, a prolific recipe developer. But sharing the stage with her dozens of cookbooks and cooking-show appearances is, among other things, a sprawling lifestyle brand that espouses the celebrity's singularly crafty — and decidedly upscale — aesthetic. Die-hard Martha Stewart fans are just as likely to follow her baking tips as they are to dutifully heed her advice on how to make a bed properly or how to clean luggage after getting back from a trip to Las Vegas, the home of her eponymous restaurant The Bedford By Martha Stewart.

For fans who might scour department stores, estate sales, and the internet in hopes of emulating Martha's well-appointed kitchen, there's no better marker of a good product than one approved by Martha herself. 

Well, great news: Martha Stewart took to Instagram this week to announce her spring curation partnership with Etsy. Hand-picked kitchen supplies and decor items abound, but they might not be available for long. 

Carts are filling up with charcuterie boards

Martha Stewart sorted through "hundreds and hundreds" of items on Etsy to curate a roundup of products for her fans. Her picks include linen hand towels, table runners, and oven mitts; ceramic mugs, bakeware, and tableware; and fanciful items including pastel-hued beeswax taper candles and arrow-shaped nickel and brass markers for all your cheese-board needs. 

Speaking of boards, the curated lineup includes quite a few of them, in various shapes and sizes. The largest of the bunch, a round cherrywood paddle made by the Illinois-based Farmhill Woodshop, is already in more than 20 carts. 

The cheese board is the item Martha chose to have in hand when she advertised the curation on Instagram, where she uses it to create a "beautiful breakfast board" with pastries, jam, bacon, and green juice for good measure. She notes that it can also be used as a cutting board or to serve charcuterie, vegetables, cheese, or whatever else your heart desires.