10 Store-Bought Guacamole Brands, Ranked

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Whether you're thinking about what to eat for your next meal or you've been tasked with bringing a crowd-pleasing dip to a family gathering, you know that a fresh and tasty guacamole is always a good idea. It goes well with chips, veggies, burgers, tacos, hot dogs, fajitas, and countless other dishes, so, in short, it is a no-brainer. Yet, while making your own guac is relatively easy, sometimes you're out of time or, worse, out of avocados! Thus, relying on a store-bought option is your only choice.

Unfortunately, choosing the best guacamole may not be that easy. The ideal guacamole is one made with fresh, ripe avocados that have their distinctively vibrant green color. It should also have a balance of flavors — you'd want to avoid ending up with one that's too salty or acidic or, on the contrary, one that is too plain and simple. Its texture is very important, as well. Whether you like your guacamole smooth or chunky, it should be sufficiently creamy, rather than thin and slimy. At the end of the day, not every store-bought guacamole provides all of the above. Here are 10 different guacamole brands you can try, ranked from worst to best.

10. Sabra Classic Guacamole

Known for selling America's most popular hummus, the Sabra Dipping Company is an American brand that specializes in refrigerated dips like hummus and guacamole. The brand's products are made from high-quality ingredients that are USDA-certified organic, verified non-GMO, kosher, and gluten free, as well as free from artificial flavors. Moreover, in addition to its focus on high-quality, natural ingredients, Sabra is also committed to improving access to healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables in different communities with its "Plants with a Purpose" program.

Sabra's Classic Guacamole is made from mashed, Mexican-sourced Hass avocados mixed with other natural ingredients like onions, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, salt, garlic, lime juice concentrate, dehydrated onion, and cilantro to give it its delicious flavor. When it comes to its texture, it is smooth and creamy yet firm and scoopable, making it an ideal pair for your favorite chips. However, the 280 milligrams of sodium per 2-ounce serving will cover about 12% of your daily sodium needs on its own, which is a bit much. Yet, the reason why this guac comes last in this ranking is because customer reviews consistently complain about the lack of a resealable lid, which leads to the guac spoiling quickly if it's not stored properly. In addition to Classic Guacamole, you can also try three additional Sabra guac flavors, which include guacamole with lime, Mexican street corn-inspired guacamole, and spicy guacamole, which gets its heat from extra jalapeño peppers.

9. Simple Truth Traditional Guacamole

Simple Truth is one of Kroger's private-label brands and offers natural food products. The brand's products are made with clean and simple ingredients that are free from over 101 artificial components, including preservatives, colors, and flavors. Plus, it is committed to providing affordable and accessible natural and organic products to consumers who are looking for healthier options. Moreover, Simple Truth focuses on responsibly sourcing its products whenever possible, a commitment you can see in the company's fair trade-certified items.

Regarding the guac, Simple Truth Traditional Guacamole is kosher and non-GMO certified and is made with Hass avocados, tomato, onion, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, salt, garlic, and white pepper. Aside from its short list of all-natural ingredients, this guac contains only 80 milligrams of sodium per 2-tablespoon serving, meaning it fills just 3% of your daily sodium needs. However, it ranks ninth on this list due to its texture, which is on the thinner side, meaning that while it works as a spread that can double as a dip or sauce, this guacamole may not be the one for you if you're more of a thick guac person. Simple Truth also has a spicier guacamole made with serrano peppers instead of jalapeños.

8. Yucatan Foods Authentic Guacamole

Yucatan Foods is a brand that belongs to Curation Foods, a food business that was founded in 1979 under the name Apio, Inc. but transitioned in 2019 to the current name when it pivoted from providing packaged veggies to offering fresh, plant-based foods through its multi-brand portfolio. Yucatan Foods makes its finger-licking guacamole in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, where the weather allows the company to source the absolute best avocados. Yucatan Foods prides itself in using hand-picked avocados grown between October and May, which is when the fruit has developed a first-class taste, texture, and appearance. The guac is produced the traditional way, by hand-scooping the selected avocados to ensure consistency in texture and taste in all of the brand's products — which, by the way, consist of 95% avocado.

Yucatan Foods has a few different guacamole presentations, 8- and 16-ounce tubes, 12-ounce squeeze bottles (a mess-free way to add guac to your sandwiches, hot dogs, or burgers), and 2-ounce single cups for when you just need to take your guac on the go. When it comes to the company's Authentic Guacamole, one Amazon reviewer describes it as their "all time favorite guacamole" and says that they "love binge eating this with chips and watching Netflix." That's high praise indeed, but the product lists xanthan gum among its ingredients, meaning that it gets its texture from this thickening agent rather than from the avocados, and thus, it's among the least favorite guacs on this list. Though this is Yucatan Foods' best-selling product, the brand also offers organic, lime jalapeño, and mild- or medium-heat guacamoles. Yucatan Foods' Authentic Guacamole is certified kosher and gluten-free.

7. Cabo Fresh Authentic Guacamole

Cabo Fresh is a guacamole brand that belongs to Curation Foods Company. The brand has been making guacamole for more than 25 years with ethically sourced and hand-picked Hass avocados, and its focus is entirely on using high-quality ingredients to bring the best possible flavor to your table. In fact, Cabo Fresh was the first to bring organic guacamole to the U.S. in an effort to meet the needs of every single guac-loving American.

Cabo Fresh Authentic Guacamole is made with primarily Hass avocado and salt, as well as very small amounts of spices such as dehydrated onion, jalapeño, and garlic, vinegar, and citric and ascorbic acid to help it keep its freshness for longer. Yet, if you're looking for other flavors, you can choose among the brand's USDA-certified organic, classic mild, spicy, fiesta, and lime jalapeño guacamoles, all of which are gluten-free, kosher, and available in 12-ounce tubes or single-serve packs. Unfortunately, detailed customer reviews are hard to come by, which is why this guacamole ranks a bit low on our list.

6. Good & Gather Homestyle Guacamole

Good & Gather is a private-label brand of food and beverage products exclusively sold at Target stores that has become a popular choice for shoppers who are looking for high-quality food products at affordable prices. The brand offers a variety of products, including fresh produce, snacks, frozen food, dairy, meat, and more, all of which are made with high-quality ingredients and are free from artificial flavors, colors, low-calorie sweeteners, and high-fructose corn syrup. In fact, Good & Gather follows such high ingredient standards that its products are backed with a money-back guarantee: If you're in any way unsatisfied, you may return a product for a full refund within one year of purchase because Target is sure Good & Gather only sells top-notch stuff.

Good & Gather Homestyle Guacamole is the brand's spicier, or medium-heat, guac and is made with jalapeño and serrano peppers. It has a rich and firm consistency and a bright green color with small tomato and onion bits mixed in. However, if you're not a fan of spicy food, you can also try Good & Gather's Classic Guacamole, which is also available in individual 2-ounce packs or a 12-ounce squeezable bag. Overall, Good & Gather Homestyle Guacamole's high ingredient standards and affordability are what led it to rank sixth on this list.

5. Good Foods Chunky Traditional Guacamole

Good Foods is a family-owned company based in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. It specializes in producing fresh, healthy, and natural food products, including guacamole, dips, salsas, and a variety of pre-packaged rotisserie chicken salads. In an effort to provide its customers with safe, fresh, and delicious foods, the company is committed to using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients in its products, which are made without any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Additionally, Good Foods emphasizes sustainability and ethical sourcing in its production process, which it achieves by visiting farmers worldwide to ensure their practices and standards meet the company's needs — and it's what ultimately positioned this brand among the top five in this ranking.

When it comes to Good Foods' Chunky Traditional Guacamole, customers describe it as having the "perfect amount of spice" and state that they "love the taste, and the consistency." This guac is made with 100% natural ingredients and is vegan, gluten and dairy free, non-GMO verified, and keto and paleo friendly. Plus, it is also a high pressure-certified product, which means it has undergone a processing method that relies on cold water and pressure to kill disease-causing bacteria, allowing the company to produce natural, clean, and long-lasting products without the need to use common food additives like artificial preservatives to make the guac safe for consumers. Moreover, Good Foods believes in giving back to the planet by using 100% recyclable containers and committing to sustainability practices that will help its production facility create no landfill waste. Good Foods also has a Spicy Chunky Guacamole for those looking for a greater jalapeño kick.

4. ¡Yo Quiero! Original Guacamole

¡Yo Quiero! Brands is a company that belongs to Fresh Innovations, LLC and specializes in Mexican-style food products (particularly guac, queso, salsa, and multiple Mexican-inspired dips, like elote, bean, and mashed avocado) that stand out because they are all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and are free from preservatives, unhealthy hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. The reason why the company's products have a relatively long shelf life while still being 100% natural is that, like Good Foods', they undergo high-pressure processing, or HPP.

¡Yo Quiero! Original Guacamole ranks fourth because it contains only all-natural ingredients that you could also find in your pantry, and it is also free of gluten, non-GMO, and vegan. It is made with real and hand-scooped Hass avocados, dehydrated onion, vinegar, jalapeño peppers, water, salt, and granulated garlic. Plus, it contains just 170 milligrams of sodium per 2-tablespoon serving, which represents only 7% of your daily sodium intake. When it comes to ¡Yo Quiero! Brands' guac, you can choose between the company's original guacamole or spicy or chunky varieties, which are available in 15-ounce tubes or 2-ounce mini cups designed to enjoy your guacamole on the go.

3. Trader Joe's Organic Chunky Homestyle Guacamole

Trader Joe's is a popular American grocery store chain known for its offering of unique, innovative, and affordable products since 1967. One of the defining features of Trader Joe's is its focus on delivering value to customers through high-quality products, which the company achieves by sourcing its goods directly from suppliers and submitting them for evaluation by a tasting panel (meaning that you can rest assured that TJ's guacamole is one of the best). Plus, the grocery store is also known for its customer-friendly shopping experience and commitment to sustainability.

When it comes to guacamole, Trader Joe's Organic Chunky Homestyle Guacamole is a popular choice among guac fans. First, and also the main reason why this is among the best-ranked guacs, it is made with 100% organic ingredients, including tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, lime juice, salt, garlic, and, of course, avocados. In fact, it is both USDA- and Oregon Tilth-certified organic (OTCO). Second, it has the perfect mix of creamy yet chunky texture (as its name suggests), with visible bits of its ingredients mixed throughout. And third, it tastes great; a review published in Bon Appétit describes the guacamole's flavor as "almost as good as homemade." You can find Organic Chunky Homestyle Guacamole in your local Trader Joe's in 10-ounce containers.

2. Wholly Classic Guacamole

Wholly is a brand of avocado-based products that specializes in producing fresh, natural, and convenient food options. It is the top-selling brand for pre-packaged guacamole in the U.S., and it belongs to MegaMex Foods Company, a Mexican food company that aims to share the taste of Mexico with the world. Despite being an avocado-only brand, Wholly has a wide variety of products, including guacamole, avocado dips, and salsas, all of which are available in multiple sizes and flavors. For example, its guac portfolio includes the classic flavor, chunky and organic varieties, and spicy and Hatch chile versions for those looking for spicier options. In addition, you may find a mild verde-flavored guacamole in smaller or mini 2-ounce individual cups.

Wholly's Classic Guacamole is kosher and non-GMO verified, and it is free of artificial preservatives because the company uses high-pressure technology. Wholly's products are vacuum-sealed and subjected to high pressure, which eliminates the need to include food additives or chemicals to extend products' shelf life. This guac is fresh and flavorful, and consumers describe it as "an outstanding product" and "perfect" for dipping vegetables or crackers or using in a salad, which is why it ranks second on this list. Wholly's Classic Guacamole is available in a 7.5-ounce tub and a 15-ounce family-size tub.

1. Herdez Traditional Spicy Guacamole

Herdez is a Mexican food brand that specializes in producing authentic Mexican sauces, salsas, and other food products to celebrate the country's culture, tradition, and bold flavors. It belongs to MegaMex Foods Company, and despite being America's best-selling salsa verde brand, its broad offering of products includes hot sauces and taqueria street sauces, dips, refrigerated and non-refrigerated salsas, tortilla chips, chipotle and jalapeño peppers, and, of course, guacamole.

Herdez's Traditional Spicy Guacamole is the best-ranked guac brand on this list because it is not only made with 100% natural ingredients, but it's also made following a traditional recipe that carries the flavor of multiple generations of homemade guacamole. You can hardly argue with the authentic flavors of Mexican traditional cuisine. Plus, it is also kosher and free of gluten and preservatives. In fact, customer reviews state that they "[love it] because of its simple ingredients" and that it is "PACKED with flavor." If you're not a fan of spicy food, you can always try Herdez's Traditional Mild Guacamole, which is available in 8- and 15-ounce containers or 2-ounce single cups.