Mexican Food: Traditional Mexican Food Dishes

The Mexican food available in the States isn't always traditional Mexican food or derived from Mexican recipes; instead, it's usually a regional variation of Mexican food, which we refer to as TexMex, that fills the menus at many Mexican restaurants around the country. A burrito, for example, is not a traditional Mexican dish. And though we might consider it to be the best Mexican food around, TexMex isn't traditional Mexican food that you would find south of the border. 

Traditional Mexican food dishes don't rely on ingredients like beef, sour cream, or ground cumin. Rather, authentic Mexican recipes use mostly chicken and pork and rely on corn, fresh fruits and vegetables (like tomatillos and chayote), and chipotle peppers.

If you love Mexican food, then one traditional Mexican dish you must try is a gordita. Gorditas are a type of Mexican street food and are similar to a pita pocket; they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Additionally, you can also try a pozole, which is a traditional Mexican recipe for a light Mexican soup with meat and hominy. Hominy is a dish of whole-puffed corn kernels that are usually eaten boiled.

There are many traditional Mexican recipes that go far beyond the taco and the burrito, and it possible to find these authentic recipes at some of America's best Mexican restaurants.