Pop Your Cadbury Easter Eggs In The Air Fryer And Thank Us Later

Jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, chocolate crosses, rabbits: these are just a few of the many sugary delights and treats that are sold around the Easter season. But for particularly die-hard fans of everything Easter candy, there's one very important name that we are missing from this list — and it starts with "Cad" and ends with "bury."

Ever since their introduction in Birmingham, England in the early 20th century, Cadbury Crème Eggs have become one of the most defining treats of the Easter season, much like how candy canes are associated with Christmas and candy corn with Halloween. The popularity of these crème-filled chocolate eggs is something to behold, with the Skills Workshop telling us that an impressive 500 million of the eggs are produced every year. Filled with that yellow-and-white fondant and wrapped in a colorful springtime wrapper, Cadbury eggs are sure to be seen in Easter baskets in both the United States and North America.

But how exactly do you eat your Cadbury eggs? You may find this an odd question — you're probably thinking, "I unwrap it and take a bite." While that's certainly the most common way of eating a Cadbury egg, have you ever considered tossing it into the air fryer? If you try it, you may find it to be a surprisingly delicious treat that combines pastry, crème, and chocolate.

Wrap your Cadbury egg in pastry dough first

We know what you're thinking: "If I throw a Cadbury egg in my air fryer, I'd just gunk up the basket with melted chocolate." You'd be right on the money — throwing a Cadbury egg into your air fryer basket by itself is an easy way to make a mess. But, the "air-fryer Cadbury Egg" isn't just putting a bunch of chocolate eggs in the air fryer — instead, it's more like making a quick and easy dessert using a Cadbury egg, a beaten egg (a real egg, we should note), and your choice of croissant or pastry dough.

The recipe for this dessert is simple. Start by taking the croissant or pastry dough and wrapping it around the Cadbury egg. This is easier if the dough has been cut into triangles, but even it hasn't, just be sure to wrap the dough fully around the Cadbury egg until it's completely sealed. Now, take the beaten egg and brush the pocket of dough before tossing it in your air fryer at 338 degrees F for 8 minutes. The end result should be a golden-brown pastry that, when cut open, has an interior filled with milk chocolate and melted crème filling.

You should flip the pastry over when it's halfway done for even browning on all sides and to ensure that no filling is leaking out from cracks in the dough.

Cadbury Egg pies are also sold at a restaurant in Virginia

Wrapping a Cadbury egg in pastry dough and throwing it in the air fryer? You'd be forgiven for thinking that's something someone invented on TikTok or Instagram. But while this Easter dessert is popular on social media, there's actually one restaurant that serves these Easter-themed treats on its menu.

Petite Loulou, located in Purcellville, Virginia, serves up what it calls "Cadbury Egg Croissant" around the Easter season — near the end of March or the beginning of April. According to the bakery's Facebook page, the Cadbury Egg Croissant is "an entire Cadbury Egg rolled into our eleven-layer croissant dough and baked until gooey and golden." The dish was inspired by owner Stefano Frigerio's son, who would put Cadbury chocolates into his chocolate croissant. These desserts are avaliable for a very limited time and usually cost about $5 dollars.

If you're able to grab some Cadbury Egg Croissants from Petite Loulou,  you'd better act fast! If not, you can still take comfort in knowing that you can make your own Cadbury Egg pastries — and other recipes with the famous chocolate egg — in your home at any time this Easter season.