Ice Cream Wrapped In Fruit Roll-Ups Is The New Ice Cream Sandwich

Can ice cream get any better? TikTok seems to think so. TikTok users have taken to making and showing off ice cream sandwich-style creations — but there's a twist.

Although the ice cream sandwiches we scored from the ice cream truck back in the day are certainly nostalgic, TikTok users are making ice cream even sweeter with the latest trend. They're wrapping various flavors of ice cream with an unusual cookie substitute — one that may also give us serious flashbacks to some of our favorite childhood snacks. This version of the beloved ice cream sandwich is sweet in a new, exciting way, and it's all thanks to a sugar-filled treat that we may not have bought ourselves in decades. Want a taste of childhood? According to TikTok, all you have to do is wrap your ice cream up in this fruity treat for a newfangled ice cream sandwich you're sure to love.

How to make an ice cream sandwich with Fruit Roll-Ups

According to TikTok, smashing ice cream between two cookies is so passé. They've found the perfect substitute for the cookies, though – a single Fruit Roll-Up.

The creator of the Fruit Roll-Up treat, who first showed us how to make a Fruit Roll-Up ice cream sandwich back in 2021, unwrapped a Fruit Roll-Up, spread it out, placed a small scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it, wrapped the ice cream in the Fruit Roll-Up until the Fruit Roll-Up fully covered the ice cream, and then popped the sandwich in the freezer. The result? A treat that blends two contrasting types of sweetness with a hearty dose of childhood nostalgia. ("I [haven't] had a Fruit Roll-Up since I was in the third grade," a TikTok user said in one of the Fruit Roll-Up ice cream sandwich videos.) What makes this snack so tasty? Even if you don't stick it in the freezer, the ice cream freezes the Fruit Roll-Up, giving the snack a satisfying crunch that contrasts beautifully with each soft bite of ice cream. It's even celebrity chef-approved – Giada De Laurentiis seemed shocked to find that the ice cream sandwich is "remarkably delicious."

Which type of ice cream is best to use for Fruit Roll-Up ice cream sandwiches?

There's definitely a right way to roll up a Fruit Roll-Up ice cream sandwich, but is there an ice cream flavor that works best? TikTok users have sought to figure out which ice cream flavor reigns supreme with Fruit Roll-Ups, and they've experimented with nearly every flavor under the sun.

The viral video that got everyone making Fruit-Roll Up ice cream sandwiches shows a strawberry Fruit Roll-Up paired with mango ice cream. Many have opted to use mango ice cream in their ice cream sandwiches, drawing inspiration from the viral video regardless of the Fruit Roll-Up flavor they used. Plenty of others have also used vanilla ice cream, which still seems to make for an exciting combination with the Fruit Roll-Up. Some recommend chocolate ice cream to make a treat reminiscent of chocolate-covered strawberries, while others stand by fruitier flavors. However, one common thread runs through every video — people, regardless of the ice cream or Fruit Roll-Up flavors they choose, really enjoy the unexpectedly crunchy combination. Although mango seems to be one of the most popular flavors so far, any flavor (yes, even unicorn ice cream) makes for one heck of an ice cream sandwich, even if there are no cookies to speak of.