Dunkaroos, Fruit Roll-Ups, And 22 Other Favorite Childhood Treats, Made At Home

We may have grown up and left recess behind, but that doesn't mean we can't relish in the nostalgia of some of our favorite childhood snacks. Take for instance the simple Dunkaroo cookie made irresistible with its chocolate frosting or the array of fruity flavors that chewy Fruit Roll-Ups came in, both snacks traded like currency on the playground. Luckily, we can relive childhood by making these tasty treats at home.

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Like Proust's encounter with a simple Madeline, your favorite childhood snacks can trigger memories. According to one study published in 2012, the emotions you are feeling while you eat are linked with memories formed through that taste. It's no wonder that these childhood foods hold a special place in our psyche.

While some of these treats, like Cadbury Snaps, are rare finds these days, you can still enjoy your favorite junk food snacks made at home, and in some cases reinvented for your more sophisticated adult tastes.

Whether you were a Rice Krispies Treats fiend or preferred savory Cheez-It crackers, we have a few recipes that will awaken your inner child so you can happily snack on.

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