Gordon Ramsay Isn't So Sure About Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs. To Americans — who down hot dogs like they're going out of style and pair bacon with eggs, hamburgers, and, quite frankly, just about anything that's edible — this carnivorous dinner idea just makes sense. But it seems one certain grumpy U.K. chef doesn't agree. And let's be real here, when has Gordon Ramsay ever kept his opinion to himself? That's probably why after years of threatening poor chefs on shows like "Hell's Kitchen," Ramsay felt called to take on social media so he could review and rate the sometimes scary world of TikTok foodie hacks. And to literally no one's surprise, when rating viral food tips, the chef usually screams out disapproving verdicts (to be fair, some of the alleged foodie hacks he's reviewed probably deserved a good old Ramsay takedown). 

For example, the chef was in a state of shock after watching one TikToker deep fry pizza, noting that OP was liable to kill themselves by biting into such a grease-filled dinner.  And really, can anyone say he's wrong?  But sometimes, fans do disagree with the chef — like in the case of thebaldgrub's hack for cooking up a bacon-filled hotdog with extra gooey cheese. The video showcasing how to make the decked-out dog (which can probably make your cholesterol go up just by watching it) has over 230,000 likes and more than 14,000 shares. And so, the TikTok couldn't escape being dueted and scrutinized by Ramsay. And his review was, well, colorful.

Gordon Ramsay is wary of hots dogs in bacon blankets

From the second Gordon Ramsay started watching thebaldgrub's video, he had questions. "Okay smiles where are you going?" Ramsay asked as OP started slicing a hot dog down the middle. When the TikToker began putting strips of cheese inside the serrated dog, the chef started getting even antsier. However, once OP wrapped up the meat with bacon, it was all over. "Oh come on kid, you've got too much time on your hands," Ramsay cried. After they finished smothering their hot dog with pork, the TikToker started frying it in oil in a pan, which, for Ramsay, proved to be the nail in the bacon-wrapped hot dog coffin. According to the chef, the cooking technique would make the texture of the bacon-wrapped hot dog "gross." In the end, after what he witnessed, Ramsay summed up his feelings about the bacon-hot dog concoction with one word: "next."


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However, while Ramsay wasn't sold on the bacon-wrapped hot dog concept, foodies in the comment section certainly were. Many TikTokers felt that the hack was a tasty-sounding lunch idea. In fact, one user went so far as to say Ramsay had forgotten how to enjoy less high-brow meals like the one in the video after spending so much time in the fine dining scene. However, that doesn't appear to be true.

The hot dog recipe he swears by

Despite the commenter's assumptions, Gordon Ramsay has long shown his appreciation for the culinary skills required to make hot dogs. In fact, in a video for Almost Anything, Ramsay referred to the cooks running New York hot dog stands as "great chefs serving seriously delicious food." And aside from respecting those who can make a delectable dog, Ramsay himself has perfected his very own signature hot dog recipe.

Let us introduce you to Ramsay's famed chili dog. According to the chef's website, to make this gourmet version of a fast food favorite, you first have to make the chili. You should start by dousing your meat with cayenne, paprika, and cumin seeds. Then, you need to take out the meat from the pan and fry some onions, garlic, and chili with red wine and vinegar. After that, add in tomato puree, tinned tomatoes, and chicken stock, reintroduce the meat, and finish the dish off by throwing some chocolate and beans into the mixture. Now that your chili's done, the chef says you should let the meat soak in hot chicken broth before roasting it. After it's cooked, you can put the meat in a bun and pile on the chili and your choice of toppings. 

So while Ramsay may not be on the bacon-wrapped hot dog train, we know that it's just because he finds the idea repulsive — not because he has something against hot dogs.