Trying To Find A Discount At In-N-Out? They Only Offer One Kind

While fast food restaurants are usually known for being the most economical option when eating out on a budget, very few people will turn down a discount. Lower rates are especially welcomed at "higher-end" quick-service establishments, such as In-N-Out. This West Coast-centered burger chain earned the highest customer satisfaction ranking according to a poll conducted by Market Force. In-N-Out received an impressive 80% overall satisfaction score, leaving big-name chains like McDonald's and Burger King in the dust. An excellent menu makes In-N-Out's slight price hike (compared to other fast food chains) worth it, but some customers are wondering if there are discounts.

As it turns out, In-N-Out does offer special rebates, but only for one specific occupation: police officers. Law enforcement officials are eligible for 50% off all menu items when they come in wearing their uniform. The reasoning behind this practice apparently stems from how their arrival seemingly improves the dining experience for patrons.

Why In-N-Out only offers a discount to police officers

Despite the impassioned discourse that surrounds police officers, the brass at In-N-Out appear to appreciate their presence in the restaurant. The thinking goes that customers feel better seeing a uniformed police officer when dining out, as they can rest assured of a safe and secure experience. While other burger chains may offer discounts to certain people, such as teachers, senior citizens, and military members, this sadly isn't the case at In-N-Out.

While this perception of safety means uniformed police get half off on their orders, all other customers must pay full price for burgers, fries, and shakes. And unlike other fast food chains, opting for a combo won't usually save you any cash on individual menu items. Although most customers won't be privy to discounts, you can make the most of your In-N-Out experience by focusing on the very best selections on the menu.

Don't pass up these delicious options at In-N-Out

There's a real art to making a delicious batch of fast food fries, one that In-N-Out apparently excels at. Keep in mind that the chain makes its own fries from fresh potatoes, and these spuds serve as the base for a truly inspiring combination of ingredients and flavors when you order them Animal Style. This iconic topping consists of cheese, diced pickles, caramelized onions, and a special sauce consisting of mayonnaise and ketchup. You can also order your burger Animal Style, which comes with the addition of a mustard-grilled burger. In this case, mustard is applied to burger patties prior to grilling, which only adds to the bold flavors.

In the event you're seeking a meat-free option that's also tasty and filling, In-N-Out has you covered. Patrons of the restaurant can enjoy grilled cheese complete with a toasted bun, which elevates this traditional after-school snack to a whole new level. You can also include the standard burger fixings on your grilled cheese, such as special sauce, tomatoes, and onions. No matter which menu item you choose, you're bound to be impressed by In-N-Out's commitment to quality, customer service, and satisfying flavors.