Here Are The 12 Best Wines You Can Buy At Aldi

Aldi is a discount supermarket chain that has spread far and wide across the globe from its home country of Germany. Aside from low prices, the celebrated supermarket has earned a place in consumer hearts thanks to the high quality of its many products. Chief among these offerings is the store's wine selection, which has gained wide acclaim.

The inflection point for Aldi's wines came in 2017, when a bottle of the supermarket's rosé — which retailed for under $8 – won an award at the prestigious International Wine Challenge. Speaking at the time of the awards, Tony Baines, Aldi's Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying, told House & Garden, "Being recognized yet again for the quality of our wine is a testament to the hard work our talented buying team put in to deliver exceptional products at unbeatable prices."

Aldi's reputation for brilliant wines has only grown and matured in the years following this victory, with numerous Aldi wines winning a plethora of awards. Of course, in winemaking, nothing is constant; what was a brilliant year for some grapes may have been a poor one for others. But thanks to a robust and varied range of bottles, Aldi always has a number of impressive wines on offer. Here are our current favorites.

3 Rein Red Blend

In the United States, Aldi buys much of its wine from Precept Wine, a supplier based in Seattle. The purchased wines are private label, meaning that the wine is designed by a winery for a specific company – in this case, Aldi. These wines carry branding dictated by the purchasing company and not that of the winery itself. The direct, streamlined nature of this process means supermarkets can sell the wine at low costs while still maintaining exceptional margins. A major difficulty in selling private label wines is getting customers to trust an unknown brand. Aldi tackles this issue by having its wines tested by the Beverage Tasting Institute. Here, the wine's characteristics are noted and a score allocated to them. 

At 92 out of 100, 3 Rein Red Blend is one of the highest-rated drinks in Aldi's entire United States portfolio. The wine is recorded as having a very fruity taste, with the flavor of cherries being distinctly noticeable. The versatility and balanced nature of the wine makes it well-suited to complimenting a variety of foods, while its price point — which can be as low as $8 — marks this wine as an absolute steal.

Landshut Riesling

Hailing from Germany, Riesling is a type of white grape that, although frequently dismissed as overly sweet, is well respected by many wine lovers and professionals. This is thanks to the wine's ability to express terroir, carry the flavor of light fruits, and maintain a low alcohol content. Aldi's Landshut Riesling demonstrates all these typical characteristics. It is noted as being light, full of peach flavors, and boasting an agreeable 9.5% ABV.

While prices may vary from state-to-state, some consumers report buying the wine for under $4. One reviewer could not believe such quality wine came at this price: "Purchased from Aldi on May 23, 2021 for $3.99," they noted on Vivino. "A pretty amazing wine for the price. A peachy nose in a medium light yellow colored wine. Smooth with a fruity (peach) sweet taste."

Unlike many other white wines, Riesling is a robust choice when it comes to food pairing. Most famously, the wine is a good match for spicy food, for reasons sommelier Bert Blaize explains: "Riesling is my favorite place to start when looking to find a good wine with spicy food. It's got so much structure and concentration — you get expressive wines from a really long ripening season. With some of the riper examples you get a lot of exotic fruit flavors. It's a grape with naturally high acidity, too. For those reasons, Riesling stands up well to spice and heat." (via Club Oenologique). Aldi's Landshut Riesling is an excellent example of all these virtues, at an absolutely incredible price.

Evanta Malbec

Argentine Malbecs have proved to be among the most popular wines of the 21st century. The majority of Argentine Malbecs come from Mendoza, a province that sits at a high altitude. At these elevations, the grapes adapt a set of characteristics that ultimately translate into excellent wine. High elevation vineyard expert Martín Coscia explains, "The true expression of terroir in this Malbec comes from the extreme altitude as well as soil composition — alluvial, sandy soils with a high percentage of gravel. With a semi-arid-desert climate, grapes receive much more sun, much less UV protection and produce thicker skinned grapes that deliver a robust mouthfeel supported by fresh acidity with surprising finesse." (per Wine with Wanda).

Hailing from Mendoza, Aldi's Evanta Malbec demonstrates this smooth texture alongside flavors classically associated with the grape, including plum and baking spice. Unsurprisingly, this brilliant wine was given a score of 90 from the Beverage Tasting Institute, marking it as exceptional. Often retailing for under $5, you'll be hard pressed to find a better Malbec at the price. Serve the Evanta Malbec alongside any meat-based meal, although it works particularly well when paired with steak.

Elementalist Pinot Grigio

Over the course of recent decades, Pinot Grigio vines have grown in popularity within California's wineries. From a grape crush tonnage of 36 in 1990, the harvest has reached dizzying highs of 275,000. Generally, wines made from Pinot Grigio are relatively plain in flavor with a crisp, dry finish. This makes them appealing to a range of drinkers, from those who want a subtle wine to pair with food to gourmands who do not like crowded or overcomplicated wines.

"Boring" is the word often used by detractors to describe Pinot Grigio, but Aldi's Elementalist proves that this wine can be both agreeable and interesting. This is due to the prevalence of light fruits, blossoms, and citrus expressed in this wine. Another Aldi wine that received a grading of exceptional from the Beverage Tasting Institute, Elementalist is the highest-ranking white wine currently sold by Aldi in the United States. As such, it stands out as a brilliant option for those frequenting the store. Drink it by itself or alongside delicate, fresh meals. It's an especially perfect bottle for spring.

Bear Bros Rosé

Bear Bros Rosé is an incredibly complex wine that steers around the pitfall so often associated with cheap rosés: cloying sweetness. In fact, this rosé demonstrates an array of flavors, including berries, kiwi, and even papaya, before being rounded out with a dry finish. Both the Beverage Tasting Institute and Wine Enthusiast scored Bear Bros Rosé in the upper 80s, marking it as a truly fantastic wine.

Hailing from California, Bear Bros Rosé is perfect for the current consumer climate, as winemaker Duncan Arnot Meyers highlights. "In California, I think consumers are finally coming around to the versatility and pure enjoyment of dry rosé. In short, California rosé is doing better than ever," he remarked (via Decanter). Aside from a pleasant drinking experience, a dry finish also makes this rosé a pleasure to pair with food. Serve it alongside mild-tasting proteins such as pork and fish, where the wine's finish and fruit notes will have an opportunity to compliment the food. Of course, the light body also means Bear Bros Rosé is a brilliant summer sipper.

Aldi's Orange Mimosa

Although technically a cocktail, we had to include this brilliant mimosa on our list, not least because the wine Aldi utilizes in it has an appetizingly dry finish. Of course, this is matched by the sweetness and zing of the orange juice. In this instance, freshly squeezed OJ is used to create a light, refreshing take on what can all too often be a sickly-sweet beverage.

Interestingly, Aldi has decided against using sparkling wine, as is tradition, for this mimosa. Instead, the company has settled on incorporating a dry white wine. While flat, the resulting product is still exceptional, being awarded 90 points by the Beverage Tasting Institute. Those desperate for bubbles can simply add a small amount of seltzer to the pre-mixed cocktail. This will also dilute the mimosa, dragging the 8% ABV down a little. 

Seemingly made with blissful summer brunches in mind, Aldi's mimosa should be purchased as soon as you see it; it's only released in limited amounts, and often sells out as soon as it hits the shelves. If orange isn't your thing, then sit tight: Aldi frequently releases other versions of this product as well. In the past, this has included pineapple, mango, and even pomegranate mimosas. 

30 Miles Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

30 Miles Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is one of Aldi's more expensive wines, at nearly $15 per bottle. This should come as little surprise: Napa Valley wines are notoriously expensive, and, as the most prominent grape in the valley, Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is especially highly sought-after. In fact, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons are among the most expensive grapes in the world. So, while $15 might seem like a lot compared to other Aldi wines, for a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, it is incredibly cheap.

30 Miles is a great expression of Napa Valley's most prized grape, and offers the average wine drinker an opportunity to sample wine from this famous region. Esteemed terroir is not the only reason to purchase this bottle; this wine is a brilliant blend of ripe berry flavors, minerality, and body, exemplified by a glittering rating of 88 from the Beverage Tasting Institute. Moreover, this wine has been consistent year on year; the 2019 version received a rating of 90 from the Beverage Tasting Institute. You can rest assured that your $15 is always going to buy a quality bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon when you opt for 30 Miles.

Giambellino Peach Bellini

Aldi has become well known for its range of classic wines. However, the store is also turning heads thanks to its innovative take on cocktails and flavored wines. While Aldi's mimosa has definitely received widespread attention, it is the chain's Giambellino Peach Bellini that has become the public's favorite. This is not conjecture; the bellini was voted by Aldi shoppers as the winner of Aldi's Fan Favorite award in the category "Clink & Drink", beating out other popular beverages including Beletti Prosecco. The Giambellino Peach Bellini has also gained acclaim outside of Aldi, with the Beverage Tasting Institute naming it the best sparkling flavored wine of 2020.

All too often, awards don't actually translate into drinkability. Yet there hardly seems to be a negative review of this bellini anywhere online. Instead, customers routinely sing the product's praises. As one Reddit user put it, "I just had the Bellini today after picking up a couple of months ago! I personally enjoyed it. It had the fizz in it and a nice sweet/tart taste. I would recommend it!"

As with Aldi's mimosa, this peach bellini boasts an ABV of 8%. Add to this a beautiful color and flavor notes including lime and peach, and it's not difficult to see why the Beverage Tasting Institute awarded Giambellino's Peach Bellini an incredible rating of 92, which is among the highest in Aldi's entire United States portfolio.

Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé

Aldi has diversified its rosé collection to include wines produced outside of the United States. The Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé highlights what rosés from France offer, most notably a very crisp, dry, and herbaceous profile. The wine has proved a hit with customers, with one Vivino user stating the following after trying Côtes de Provence Rosé for the first time: "What a treat. Most Rosé I've had in the past have been quite sweet and sickly, making it difficult to enjoy more than one or two glasses. However from the moment this wine was poured I knew it would be different, the color was paler than the average, the legs ran faster and the scent was much more subtle but still fruity. But the taste is where I was most pleasantly surprised. It wasn't sharp or too tangy but instead very fresh with summer fruits and smooth as if drinking dare I say it ... silk. Top buy." This glowing recommendation is representative of the public's opinion; people truly love this wine.

This rosé has also been celebrated by food industry professionals, especially since it was named a finalist in the World Beverage Innovation Awards in 2021. Although Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé did not win the Best Alcohol Drink award, making the shortlist is a significant achievement in and of itself. Combining this esteem with a retail price of under $10 marks this rosé as a must-have bargain. This sentiment is only boosted by an impressive rating of 88 from the Beverage Tasting Institute.

Belletti Prosecco

In many ways, Belletti Prosecco epitomizes what Aldi's wines are all about: It's fun, accessible, affordable, and extremely high quality. Made in Veneto, Italy, Belletti is perhaps the most iconic offering from Aldi. It is also a prosecco of classic style, made from the traditional glera grape.

Despite this, Belletti, like all proseccos, is often the victim of an unjust stigma; this low esteem has been the bane of many brands. Expert Alan Tardi summed it up this way for The Michelin Guide: "Everybody knows prosecco, but everybody thinks they know what it is and what it isn't. People dismiss it. They think it's not a wine that represents terroir, a long wine-making tradition or any kind of handcrafted, artisanal wine-making practice."

In contrast to this misconception, Belletti Prosecco is a wine of extremely high quality, having received a number of awards. These include a gold medal score of 90 points from the Beverage Tasting Institute and a silver award from USA Wine Ratings. Both of these awards indicate what consumers already know: This crisp, fruity, and dry wine is a delight, and an absolute steal at under $10.

Villanella Pinot Grigio

The second Pinot Grigio on our list, Villanella is an Italian wine hailing from the Valdadige region. Some of the finest Pinot Grigios in Italy have come from this area; the terroir results in juicy, rich wines cut with a crisp finish. Villanella is a perfect study in this variety of wine, receiving a silver medal award from the Beverage Tasting Institute as a result.

Sommelier Mark Burnett described it as such on Vivino: "Pale yellow with medium concentration. Aromas of lemon pith, green pear, and fresh minerality, with some faint yeast aromas on the back. Mouthfeel is dry, medium bodied with high acidity. Flavors of tart pear, lemon, and fresh minerality. More minerality than ripe fruit. Lovely up against fresh shellfish." As this review suggests, Villanella is an approachable Pinot Grigio that stands to please a whole range of consumers. Easily drinkable, it could easily play a role alongside most meals or, of course, as a stand alone drink.

Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon

An already intense grape, Cabernet Sauvignon gets supercharged in this offering from Aldi through a maturation process completed in ex-bourbon barrels. This is not to say that this decadent wine is overpowering. On the contrary, it is remarkably well balanced given the array of flavors on display. These include both cocoa and floral tea.

Of course, the maturation process plays a huge part in giving this wine a flavor and quality unseen in other offerings under $10. Customers are often quick to highlight this: As one Vivino user put it, "Wow! Let this wine [breathe] a little bit and then give it a taste. Nice and smooth. A hint of black cherry. No bitterness. Tastes comparable to much more expensive wines. Another amazing find from Aldi's."

The skill it takes to produce a coherent, bourbon-matured wine should not be overlooked. However, strong grapes, like Cabernet Sauvignon make the balancing act easier, as winemaker Robert Young highlighted to The Washington Post. "I went to Total Wine and bought all the ones I could find and tasted them," he remarked. "A lot of them were sweet ... in my opinion, if you're going to age a red wine very long in these barrels, you need a wine that is big and bold enough to stand up to the bourbon." This Aldi offering fits the bill.