The Starbucks Secret Menu Iced Coffee That Tastes Just Like Andes Mints

Though the Starbucks menu already features various drinks, the chain also allows customers to alter their beverages with several types of milk, syrups, powders, and more. Thanks to the coffee chain's seemingly endless customization options, Starbucks fans have concocted several other recipes, which they've dubbed the "Starbucks secret menu."

Many of these recipes get shared online for others to discover and order, and there's even an entire website dedicated to sharing customizable drinks. Though these items aren't actually available on menus in Starbucks cafes — and your barista will likely have no idea what goes into a red velvet cinnamon roll frappuccino — if you have the recipe, you can order your drink with the right blend of syrups to create what you want.

If you often crave a chocolate-mint treat, the Andes Mint-inspired cold brew recipe may be the perfect order for your next Starbucks trip.

This drink tastes just like one sweet candy

According to Totally the Bomb, you can order a drink at Starbucks that tastes nearly identical to Andes Mints while still getting the full caffeine kick of a cup of coffee. The site says to start with a cold brew drink base. Starbucks cold brew is made daily, with no heat involved during the brewing process.

To customize the drink, the site says to add two pumps each of mocha and white mocha sauces. Then, ask your barista to blend two pumps of peppermint syrup into the cold foam topping. You can also request some chocolate curls on top for an extra sweet finish.

Though this recipe is for a venti-sized drink, you can reduce syrups proportionately to order a smaller beverage. (Try only one pump each of the mocha sauces for a tall or two for a grande.)

Starbucks allows for plenty of customization

Remember that adding these ingredients can cost you a little more than the pricing shown on a standard menu, but if you find a new favorite drink, it could be worth the extra cash.

If you are a Starbucks Rewards member, you can cash in 25 stars for an extra shot of espresso, some syrup, or swap in some non-dairy milk. Otherwise, according to the Starbucks menu, you could pay extra for your custom syrups and added cold foam — though prices could vary by location.

If you'd prefer to DIY the recipe at home, you can find pre-bottled Starbucks cold brew for sale at quite a few grocery stores. The coffee chain sells cold brew concentrate — meant to mix with ice and water before drinking — and even features several recipes to enhance the drink on the Starbucks At Home website. And you can find coffee syrup brands like Torani, Jordan's, and DaVinci Gourmet to add in any flavors you want so you can create your own Starbucks secret menu items in the comfort of your own kitchen.