Costco Brought Back Pull Apart Cinnamon Rolls And Shoppers Are Thrilled

Costco's bakery is packed with sweet treats. Brownies, muffins, cookies, and more are all available to purchase year-round, but the store also offers seasonal options, such as pumpkin pies. Additionally, the warehouse often introduces new products, some of which are only available for a limited time.

One beloved Costco item that comes and goes is the pull-apart cinnamon bread. Instagram user @costcobuys shared that each container has 12 pieces of a brown sugar-cinnamon blend inside sweet dough, topped off with tangy cream cheese frosting. The bread is pre-separated into a dozen pieces, so there's no slicing necessary. You just grab a piece and pull it out, making the treats a combination of cinnamon rolls and monkey bread.

Unfortunately, this cinnamon bread isn't a permanent option in Costco's bakery, and it often disappears from store shelves. Fortunately, you can satisfy your cravings for it now, because it's returned to Costco stores.

These sweet treats are back on store shelves now

Instagram user @costcobuys shared a video of the bread on Instagram and TikTok to announce that they had spotted the return of the beloved bakery item, and fans were thrilled that the sweet treats are available once more. Costco has brought back a few previously absent sweet treats recently, and the cinnamon pull-apart bread is the latest re-release.

Some comments on the @costcobuys Instagram post praised the flavor of the cinnamon bread. A comment from user @thereal_hendo reads, "I can vouch that these are better than Cinnabon! AND for the price... amazing!" Another user, @pmllms, praised the cinnamon rolls' frosting in particular.


😋 I am OBSESSED with the 12-piece cinnamon pull-a-apart bread from Costco! It’s just $6.99! #costco #cinnamonroll #dessertlovers

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Much to some Costco shoppers' disappointment, it seems that these sweet cinnamon rolls come and go periodically. "These are delicious and my only complaint is that they don't offer them year round," commented Instagram user @policiaschica. Though they may disappear again in the future, the good news is that they're spotted in Costco stores now.

The rolls are ready to heat and eat

YouTube reviewer JustCostcoIt shared that the cinnamon rolls are quick and easy to prepare, too. The label on each container recommends preheating your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, covering the rolls with foil, and baking for 15 to 20 minutes — just enough to get the rolls warm and gooey. However, the YouTube user shared an even faster way to heat individual pieces.

"You don't have to bake this," he says in the video. "Thirty seconds in the microwave, it's perfect." He even compared the flavor to Cinnabon and Ikea's treats and decided that the Costco version was the best of the three, thanks to its tasty frosting and soft, fluffy texture.

Instagram user @costcobuys reports that the cinnamon pull-apart bread is $6.99 for the dozen. Though the sweets have started to pop up at some Costco locations, not everyone has been able to find them. Instagram user @sara_danielle86 wrote, "I have been waiting for these at my Costco! Hope they show up soon!!"