For Unique Baking Mix Flavors, First Scope Out The Dollar Store

While dollar stores are now a ubiquitous fixture all over the country, this wasn't always the case. Ben Franklin stores, which are comparable to modern dollar stores in price and structure, first originated in the south and quickly expanded to other areas thanks to the great savings they offered. In fact, Walmart founder Sam Walton got his start owning a Ben Franklin location, which he quickly turned into a massive cash cow.

There are now a variety of dollar store chains throughout the nation, and these establishments are best known for offering affordable prices to customers. And thanks to increasing inflation, more and more consumers are turning to dollar stores for essential home goods and grocery staples. As prices for things like eggs and butter continue to increase, shoppers are desperate for deals. Accordingly, more than one in five people shop at their local dollar stores for grocery staples. Coincidentally, these establishments also have a lot to offer hardworking bakers seeking great flavors at reasonable prices.

Fun cake flavors that go easy on your budget

Maintaining your household budget doesn't mean that you must forgo tasty baked goods, especially when it comes to special occasions or school events. Fortunately, there is a thrifty way to get the baking supplies you need while also ensuring your friends and loved ones are privy to some unbelievable flavors. In this case, head to your local dollar store (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Family Dollar, depending on where you live) and beeline to the baking aisle.

There you will find a variety of baking mixes for ultra-low prices that simply cannot be found at grocery stores and supermarkets. For instance, many dollar stores stock seasonal mixes that are no longer in demand. It's often possible to get these products for as low as $1 per box, which means you can purchase multiple boxes for the same price as a single box at other establishments. Additionally, you'll enjoy a wide selection of cake mixes, including some unconventional flavors that go beyond vanilla and chocolate. So, what flavors may await you during your epic bargain hunt?

Why it pays to think outside of the (cake) box

These days, there's a multitude of cake flavors on the market that allow home chefs to really wow their friends and family members. A few fun selections include coconut, lemon, red velvet, and strawberry, which will serve as a welcome surprise at your next dinner or gathering. There are also quite a few specialized selections to choose from, such as cherry chip, German chocolate, and spice cake, which provides just the right amount of spiciness to offset the sweetness of your baked goods.

When it comes to icing your newly baked treat, you can easily make your own buttercream using just a few ingredients. Buttercream is a versatile and adaptable icing for baked goods, as it can be tweaked to perfectly match your cake flavors. You'll need butter, milk, vanilla extract, and confectioner's sugar to establish a base for your buttercream. You can also use food dye to give it a bright and vibrant hue. When it comes to flavoring, there's a whole world of ingredients you can add to your frosting. Extracts, such as vanilla and peppermint, are an easy way to imbue buttercream with unbelievable flavors. It's best to start small with about a ½ teaspoon or so to ensure the taste isn't too overpowering. As for fruity flavors, jams can be easily incorporated into buttercream recipes, as can citrus zest. No matter what flavor combinations you choose, you'll enjoy amazing baked goods while maintaining your financial health.