Mars Wrigley Enters The Coffee Game With Snickers And Twix Iced Coffee

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Coffee has come a long way from its origins as a bitter brew. Everywhere you look, sweet, syrupy drinks have replaced the standard cup of joe. Worldwide, sales of flavored coffee in 2021 were in excess of $6.5 billion, and that figure is poised to continue growing in the coming years. Contemporary coffee culture even forced Starbucks employee and TikTok user @thehighbarista to issue a PSA explaining the actual meaning of the term black coffee.

Playing into the idea of coffee as a sweet treat, several chains offer candy-inspired drinks. At Scooter's Coffee, you can enjoy an iced latte that has been designed to taste like a candy bar. And Starbucks has had a lengthy menu of flavored drinks, such as the limited-time S'mores Frappuccino, that are derived from beloved sweet treats. With a few extra pumps of flavor, you can even transform a regular caramel Frappuccino into a hacked Twix Frappuccino.

If you want to avoid the chains but the idea of a chocolate-infused coffee drink tickles your taste buds, you're in luck — a fresh face is shaking up the commercial coffee game. A pair of newly introduced iced coffee items, invented by a confectionary titan and available for purchase nationwide, are sure to satiate any candy bar cravings.

Mars Wrigley finally gives fans candy bar coffee

Victor Allen's Coffee is a nationwide brand specializing in single-serve instant coffee pods and bagged coffee beans. It is also involved in the iced coffee sphere and sells a pair of canned beverages, a Caramel and Vanilla Iced Latte. And according to a March 16 press release, Victor Allen's Coffee and Mars Wrigley have now partnered to create two new drinks: Victor Allen's Snickers and Twix Iced Coffees.

As the names suggest, each bottle will be packed with the familiar flavors of its namesake candy bar. The drink is crafted with genuine cream and sugar; in an individual 13.7-ounce coffee, there are 220 calories. 

If sipping on iced coffee with notes of caramel and chocolate sounds like a great alternative to your usual morning brew, you can buy these drinks at Walmart. A Victor Allen's Snickers Iced Coffee will run you $2.98.