Dunkin's 'Dunkaccino' Is On Its Way Out, And Fans Are Grappling With The News

Dunkin' has long been an ideal stop for just about any type of caffeine lover. For fans of sweet drinks, there are the syrupy caramel swirl lattes and Dunkin's dragonfruit refreshers. For those who prefer more simplistic morning cups, black coffees and smooth Americanos abound. And for those who like a little something in between, the Dunkaccino has always been there to provide. 

At the center of all things caffeine and chocolate, the chain's hot Dunkaccino was a perfect alternative to a milky mocha — a decadent blend of coffee and hot chocolate that many customers found themselves drawn to. Twitter pages and Reddit boards have long been dedicated to the beverage. 

The beloved drink has been on Dunkin' menus since 2000, the same year the chain's hot chocolate made its debut. It had a big resurgence in 2011 when it made an appearance in Adam Sandler's movie "Jack And Jill" — with Al Pacino saying he wanted to change his name to Dunk in a mock commercial. After 23 years on the menu, and much love from many loyal customers, you might think this drink would be safe on the menu forever. But all good things must come to an end.

Say goodbye to this chocolate blend

That's right. The beloved Dunkacinno will soon be joining the long list of items that have disappeared from Dunkin's menu. There were rumblings of its potential cancellation in 2022 after an internal memo from the company was leaked, but nothing has come of it until March 14, when the drink's discontinuation was officially confirmed.

Already, fans are grappling with the news of its loss. One lover of the beverage said he had been exclusively drinking the Dunkaccino for the last 20 years, according to Reddit, and he was "crushed" by the news. Another fan tweeted, "that drink is the whole reason I started going to Dunkin'."

Along with the classic hot Dunkacinno, the frozen variety of the beverage will also meet its end.But for loyal lovers of the beverage, there may be hope yet, according to a Dunkin' spokesperson. "The Dunkaccino is retired for now, but there's always the chance for its return in the future," the spokesperson told Today.