Trust Us: Bacon-Wrap Your Next Grilled Cheese And Live Life To The Fullest

Whether you grew up eating grilled cheese sandwiches or had them later in life, you likely have some preferences when it comes to perfecting your grilled cheese sandwich. Perhaps you prefer sourdough bread, butter, mayo, or American cheese. Or maybe you're content as long as your sandwich is extra crispy and loaded with gooey cheddar cheese. Whatever the case, if you want to take your grilled cheese game to the next level while also upgrading your bacon, combining the two may shift your entire perspective on what qualifies as the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. 

If you thought wrapping your burger in bacon was a game-changer, then you may want to bacon-wrap your grilled cheese if you'd like to start living your best life. Let's get into how to make a bacon-wrapped grilled cheese sandwich in the best kind of way and why bacon-wrapping your grilled cheese is an excellent way to elevate this meal. 

How to make a bacon-wrapped grilled cheese

While adding bacon to a grilled cheese sandwich may not seem like the most novel idea at first, bacon-wrapping the sandwich might be something entirely new for you, and it's not only simple but delicious. To begin bacon-wrapping your grilled cheese, all you need are your choice of cheese, bread, and about three to five pieces of bacon. After you've assembled your grilled cheese as you normally would, place the sandwich on top of your bacon strips and start wrapping. It's really a lot simpler once you get going. 

Once everything is wrapped, use a frying pan to cook the sandwich. Depending on your preferences, you can alternate the number of bacon pieces you use and how long you plan on heating your sandwich. If you'd like to add a little crunch, place the sandwich upright until crispy on each edge. Similarly, you can take it off the heat sooner if you want a smoother texture.

In the end, bacon's saltiness, crunchiness, and grease may not appeal to everyone, but if you'd like to add some flavor to an original grilled cheese and please your taste buds, bacon is the perfect complement. 

Other suggestions for elevating your grilled cheese sandwich

If the idea of bacon-wrapping grilled cheese has you thinking up other ways to make the best grilled cheese sandwich possible, you're in luck. One option includes swapping American cheese for cheddar, brie, or blue cheese. Your bread choice is equally important — you'll want to avoid bread that has air bubbles due to too much yeast. Otherwise, the cheese will ooze out of the sandwich. Sourdough or Italian garlic bread are great substitutes for more classic choices. 

More controversially, a nice spread like strawberry or apricot jam may add some flavor to a classic grilled cheese. In addition, if you've never tried dipping your grilled cheese in tomato soup and want to test out this combo, you're in for a treat. While the term "grilled cheese" becomes debatable as more items are added, you may still want to upgrade your sandwich by adding avocado, cranberries, mushrooms, or garlic. 

Ideally, these options leave plenty of room for creativity, but bacon lovers should at least try incorporating bacon in the sandwich a shot. If you want to work your way up to this bacon creation, there are several unexpected foods you can add bacon to first. From bananas and ice cream to coffee and alcohol, you can have every meal or beverage of the day covered if you'd like to step up your relationship with bae-con.