We Ranked Every Lunchable So You Don't Have To

Do you remember the joy of being at school, opening up your lunch bag, and realizing you had a Lunchables waiting for you (and not a DIY Lunchables put together by your mom)? Picture it: Your favorite Lunchables — be it crackers, meat, and cheese, a build-your-own pizza, or nachos — just ready for you to tear into it and enjoy its easy-to-prepare selection. It was the pinnacle of childhood lunches, and an easy snack to continue buying in adulthood, too.

Lunchables were released nationally in the late '80s, and have since been providing kids with delicious and interactive meals, and busy parents with already-prepped lunches to give their kids. For more than three decades, the Lunchables brand has been expanding its products and tweaking the popular options that already exist. By adding different types of cheeses, the ability to make sandwiches, and focusing on desserts, Lunchables continues to give its customers great options for meals and snacking.

As it stands, there are roughly 40 different kinds of Lunchables to choose from. That may sound like a daunting number — especially when trying to choose the perfect kind to satisfy your craving. Do not fret, though — there are some Lunchables products that clearly outrank others, and we've done the legwork to determine which Lunchables are worth buying. 

16. Light Bologna and American

In last place is the Lunchables cracker stackers featuring light bologna and American cheese. These Lunchables must be refrigerated to keep them fresh. They contain Oscar Mayer light chicken bologna, Kraft American pasteurized cheese product, and crackers. You're meant to stack each cracker with a slice of bologna and a slice of cheese to create the perfect combination. It also comes with chocolate chip cookies as a dessert treat for when you finish the cracker stacks.

The only problem with this Lunchables product is the bologna. In general, bologna is outranked by other types of lunch meat — specifically turkey or ham. This is especially true with Lunchables products. The bologna in these Lunchables has a chewy, off-putting consistency and an unpleasant smell that be a deterrence.

In fact, Twitter users often use "bologna Lunchables" as an insult, going so far as to say that certain people or pets smell like them. Regarding the actual quality, most users agree that bologna Lunchables are not up to par. One Twitter user wrote, "Accidentally got a bologna Lunchable instead of a ham one ... day is ruined."

15. Turkey or Ham Sandwiches

Lunchables started creating full sandwiches for its customers to enjoy as part of the Lunchables Uploaded line. These sub sandwiches take the general ingredients from the cracker stack varieties and repurpose them into a more substantial meal. There are three kinds of Uploaded Lunchables: turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, and turkey, ham, and cheese. Each Uploaded box includes a packet of Kool-Aid Tropical Punch drink mix to dump in the also-included bottle of Absopure purified water, a sub bun, Oscar Mayer deli lunch meat, Kraft cheddar cheese slices, a Kraft Light Mayo packet, Pringles Snack Stacks potato chips, and to finish off the meal, Hershey's Chocolate Kisses.

The concept of creating a sandwich-based Lunchables is incredibly smart. Obviously, these big boxes are perfect for a child's lunch with a main course, drink, side dish, and dessert. The child even gets to assemble the sandwich, making it interactive. However, the ingredients don't translate as well into the sandwich format. The cheese and side dishes are fine, but the bread and meat are not up to par. The bread always tastes stale and soggy, and the meat has a suspicious smell and texture that make it less appetizing than its Lunchables cohorts.

Lunchables subs have received mixed reviews, but one user said it best when comparing them to Firehouse Subs: "I just had a Firehouse sub and I felt like I was eating a Lunchables uploaded, the bread was so doughy and gross."

14. Deep Dish Pizza

Though Lunchables has many pizza options with varying toppings, the deep dish pizza was added to the Uploaded line to give the pizza meal more substance. Like the other Uploaded boxes, the deep dish pizza Lunchables contains a packet of Kool-Aid Tropical Punch drink mix to dump in the also-included bottle of Absopure purified water. Other ingredients include the deep dish pizza crust, Kraft shredded mozzarella cheese blend, pizza sauce, pepperoni slices, a side of Cheez-It snack crackers, and to finish off the meal, Trolli Sour Mini Gummy Worms.

Many of the other Lunchables pizzas are a pretty good option for a snack or meal. However, the deep-dish Lunchables don't do the job. The sides are fine, but the composition of the pizza crust is too much. It's too hard on the edges and too mushy in the middle, and the toppings provided don't live up to the crust's size. 

Deep-dish pizzas are not meant to be made poorly and should stick to their classic Chicago roots. One Twitter user said it simply, "Deep dish Lunchables pizza just sounds like a bad idea LOL." We tend to agree. 

13. Chicken Dunks

Lunchables also offers chicken options for fans who want more meat in their grab-and-go lunch. The first chicken variation that Lunchables offers is the chicken dunks. These snack packs come with chunks of Oscar Mayer breaded white chicken nuggets accompanied by ketchup dipping sauce. There are also chocolate sandwich cookies for those who want a sweet bite after the main course has finished.

Let's address the chocolate sandwich cookies first: These are incredibly stale-tasting Oreo cookie ripoffs. There is no sense wasting time with these when you have access to real Oreos. However, if you don't have Oreos, these will have to do. Now, for the chicken chunks. These often have an off-putting texture that impacts the taste. The flavor of the meat doesn't hold up to expectations. The ketchup, though, does a decent job of masking what the flavor lacks.

The key with this meal is it does the job it is meant to do — it tames your hunger. It's better than some of the other Lunchables options, even with its flaws. One Twitter user explains that even though the chicken chunks are not the best, the ketchup helps make up for what's lacking. "I'm not much of a ketchup person but the ketchup they got ... to dunk them in is unbelievable. It's like your exact idea of what it should taste like," the user said.

12. Chicken Nugget Kabobble

Though the chicken chunks Lunchables is not the greatest option, the chicken nugget kabobbles Lunchables is a step in the right direction. The chicken nugget kabobbles kit is a good choice for your Lunchables cravings because of how much is packed in the box. First, it includes Oscar Mayer breaded white breast meat chicken poppers, and Kraft American pasteurized prepared cheese. Then, there are pretzel sticks standing in as edible skewers for you to make mini kabobs out of the chicken and cheese. There's also a Capri Sun fruit punch juice box and Chips Ahoy! mini cookies dessert treat to go with the main course.

As noted from the chicken chunks Lunchables, the chicken the brand uses is not the best in terms of taste and texture. Often soggy and artificial tasting, the chicken isn't great on its own. However, when paired with the cheese and pretzels, the flavor and texture are less noticeable. The addition of the juice and cookies is what puts it over the top, though.

The chicken kabobbles Lunchables is a better option than some, but many customers fail to be impressed with the quality. One Twitter user writes, "Here we have soggy popcorn chicken and processed cheese on a thin pretzel stick that snaps. Nutritious." 

11. Dirt Cake

One great feature of Lunchables is that dessert is included. Be it gummy worms, Hershey's kisses, or chocolate chip cookies, Lunchables always makes sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, the brand doesn't simply include desserts — they sell interactive dessert boxes. One dessert creation in the Lunchables brand is dirt cake, which is more appetizing than it sounds. Each dirt cake Lunchables includes gummy worms, chocolate-flavored marshmallow creme frosting, and chocolate cookie crumbs.

Dirt cake is a great option for a quick treat but does not hold up to the quality of the other options. The chocolate marshmallow creme frosting is delicious, but the chocolate cookie crumbs are often stale, and the gummy worms that are meant to be dipped in the toppings are typically too hard to chew without your jaw hurting by the end.

Many users believe that separately, the three components of the dirt cake Lunchables are delicious, but their flavor fades when combined. One Twitter user writes, "Lunchables Dirt Cake contains three parts that are delicious, but not so much combined. Therefore, I ate the chocolate frosting with my finger."

10. Cookie Dunks

To kick off the top 10 of Lunchables rankings, we'll start with cookie dunks. This dessert is a great, portion-controlled option for children and an excellent snack for adults. Though many Lunchables feature chocolate chip cookies as a mini dessert, the cookie dunks Lunchables features these cookies as the center treat. Each package comes with chocolate chip cookies, marshmallow creme frosting, and multicolored sprinkles.

These dunks are a fun way to get you to slow down a bit while enjoying dessert. You simply take a cookie, dunk it in the frosting, top it with the sprinkles, then enjoy the pseudo-gourmet treat. It's adorable because it's small, and the flavors are pretty good. Ultimately, though, the treat isn't as good as many other Lunchables options.

Twitter users have compared this dessert to other similar snacks, like the '90s classic, Dunkaroos, noting it's a very satisfying option. One Twitter user writes, "Trying to sleep but distracted by the fact that there's lunchables cookie dunks downstairs." If you are looking for a quick dessert on the go, cookie dunks are a great option.

9. S'Mores Dippers

The best dessert that Lunchables offers is the s'mores dippers snack. S'mores are a classic treat with a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow sandwiched between two honey graham crackers. The marshmallow is typically roasted over a fire to make the chocolate a bit melty and bring out the flavors of the three ingredients. The ingredients of the s'mores dippers are the same as traditional s'mores, just with slight variations. The s'mores dippers come with honey graham cracker sticks that you dip in the marshmallow creme and top with milk chocolate chips.

The flavor profile of a s'more is held together pretty well with this Lunchables dipper. Being able to build each one isn't that different from a regular s'more, but the fun of roasting marshmallows over the fire is definitely missing from this snack. As far as s'mores dupes go, though, the s'mores dippers Lunchables is a great option for that bit of sweetness on the go.

Lunchables fans agree that the s'mores dippers are a sought-after dessert treat. Twitter users post how the s'mores dippers always manage to create a sense of nostalgia with their flavor. One Twitter user says, "Okay so these Lunchables s'mores are hittin' the spot right now! Y'all missin' out."

8. Extra Cheesy Pizza

One classic Lunchables that might come to mind when thinking about the brand is the extra cheesy pizza version. Lunchables created this build-your-own pizza as a way to engage kids in building their food while still having something delicious to eat. The pizza isn't meant to be cooked, but instead, be enjoyed as a cold version of the classic dish. Each extra cheesy pizza Lunchables comes with a round pizza crust, pizza sauce, and a Kraft cheese blend. You can use as much or as little of the sauce and cheese as you desire.

The blend of ingredients, though simple, come together nicely. Separately, each ingredient is really well done and makes for a great pizza topping. That said, the fact that the dish is served cold takes away some of the enjoyment of a true pizza meal. As a snack, it does the job.

In fact, many customers are shameless fans and post about their love for the Lunchables online. One Twitter user writes, "I have a deep love for Lunchables and I will no longer be shamed for my weekly cheese pizza." The Lunchables extra cheesy pizza is also a great option for those who do not eat meat. 

7. Mini Hot Dogs

Another unique offering from the Lunchables brand is the mini hot dogs box, which deviates a bit from the company's standard boxes. The mini hot dogs still have a build-it-yourself component and come in a combination meal. Each Lunchables includes mini hot dogs and mini hot dog buns, along with toppings like ketchup and mustard. There's also a Capri Sun fruit punch juice box and a small KitKat candy bar for dessert.

The mini hot dogs are strange, but only because of their size. As far as taste and texture, they're exactly what you would expect. However, hot dogs in general can be a divisive food, which makes it a less-popular Lunchables choice overall. The flavor isn't exactly what you would expect with a full-size dog, but with the mini buns and toppings, the taste is appealing.

As far as the divisiveness of hot dogs, it plays out with the mini hot dog Lunchables reviews. One reviewer writes, "You remember Lunchables with mini hot dogs? ..ew." However, many other reviews are positive, with one reviewer writing, "I would [willingly] sell my soul for a lifetime supply of Lunchables mini hot dogs." Though this Lunchables is not quite good enough to crack the top five, it certainly deserves a place in the top 10.

6. Pizza with Pepperoni

Just slightly shy of the top five is the pizza with pepperoni Lunchables, which Lunchables fans will recognize as one of the classics. Similar to the extra cheesy pizza Lunchables, this variation contains pizza crusts, pizza sauce, Kraft mozzarella pasteurized prepared cheese product, and pepperoni made with pork and chicken. Sometimes this box comes with a small treat, but in most cases, the pizza with pepperoni comes on its own.

At its core, the pizza with pepperoni Lunchables is almost identical to the extra cheesy pizza version, but with the addition of pepperoni. That's the key, though, as to why this Lunchables ranks higher than others. Pepperoni truly is a game changer for this small meal, adding a muted spice and a variation in texture that takes this boxed snack to the next level.

One Twitter reviewer says it best: "I'll be 80 years old still eating pepperoni pizza Lunchables [I don't care]." Nearly every review agrees that, in addition to the good taste and texture of the Lunchables, there's a nostalgia element that only a few Lunchables possess. It is a clear reminder of childhood and, at the same time, still holds up to an adult palate.

5. Ham and Cheddar/Swiss/American

To kick off the top five, we'll start with another nostalgic Lunchables: the ham and cheese cracker stackers. There are some variations that come with added components or desserts, but the overarching gist remains the same. There are three types of cheeses you can choose from: ham and cheddar, ham and Swiss, or ham and American. Whichever you choose, the box will contain that Kraft cheese product, along with Oscar Mayer lean ham, and crackers. You stack the crackers with the ham and cheese, so each bite has all three components.

The only reason this ranks lower than some of the other Lunchables is because of the ham's texture. The flavor is there, especially for ham lovers, but the texture is questionably chewy and fatty at times. The cheese and crackers usually mask this, and if you can get past the texture, then you'll see why its flavor reaches the fifth-place slot. For your cheese selection, the Swiss outranks the cheddar, which outranks the American.

Reviewers agree that, though ham and cheese Lunchables are pleasant and have nostalgia with them, the real benefit is how kid-friendly they are. "Ham and cheese Lunchables are just charcuterie boards for children," one Twitter user explains. And if you love diving into a delicious charcuterie board, why wouldn't a kid love diving into their ham and cheese cracker stackers? 

4. Nachos with Cheese Dip and Salsa

In fourth place, another Lunchables classic, is the nachos with cheese dip and salsa. Often coming in a package without added components, the nachos Lunchables includes Kraft nacho cheese, tortilla chips made with whole grain, and salsa. You take the small, round chips and dip them in the salsa or nacho cheese (or both).

These Lunchables do a great job of taking a classic nachos snack and making it portable. The chips have a nice crunch that pairs well with the smooth nacho cheese and slightly chunky salsa. Both dips have a nice bit of spice — not too much for a child's palate, but still enough to keep the taste interesting. This mild spice perfectly complements the more neutral and starchy taste of the chips.

The nachos Lunchables are a clear favorite of Lunchables brand lovers. One Twitter user even shares, "Best Lunchables was the nachos, it wasn't even close." Though this Lunchables is not the best that the brand offers, it is definitely deserving of the fourth place slot.

3. Pizza and Treatza

In third place, and in a very close race for the second and first slots, is the pizza and treatza Lunchables, one of the more filling products from the brand. The pizza and treatza Lunchables is a classic take on a regular pizza Lunchables, but with a dessert twist. Each box includes pizza crust, pizza sauce, and Kraft mozzarella cheese for making a pizza. However, it also includes another pizza crust, chocolate-flavored frosting, and candy-coated chocolate chips to create a dessert pizza. There's also a Capri Sun roarin' waters tropical tide juice pouch in the box to accompany the pizzas.

This Lunchables takes the meal to the next level. You still get to build a delicious pizza with the cheese, sauce, and crust, but instead of finishing the meal with a small candy bar or cookie, you get to build an entire dessert pizza. The crisp chocolate chip topping with the crust and frosting makes for a great texture balance, especially after enjoying the soft cheese pizza.

The pizza and treatza Lunchables has a lot to offer Lunchables fans. One Twitter user writes, "I am the disgusting menace that enjoys the Lunchables pizza AND treatza." It's truly what sets this Lunchables apart from other Lunchables boxes: being able to enjoy the pizza and have a nice treat at the end of the meal isn't just a small bite. 

2. Mozzarella and Pepperoni

For those who want the delicious taste of pizza without ordering from a pizzeria, a great option to explore is the pepperoni and mozzarella Lunchables. This Lunchables includes two key ingredients of a pizza: pepperoni and cheese. However, it's made in a stacker form, so it also includes crackers for you to stack a piece of pepperoni and cheese on.

This deconstructed pepperoni pizza makes for a great snack or centerpiece to any meal on the go. Generally, this combination of ingredients is about as texturally sound as they come. You have a nice crunch from the cracker, with a hearty pepperoni slice, and a soft bit of cheese. But more importantly, the taste of each ingredient is so incredibly blended that it makes for a better alternative to a Lunchables pizza and easily earns its second-place spot.

Mozzarella and pepperoni Lunchables are almost always positively reviewed on social media. Whether it's because the texture and flavor combo is sound, it provides a quick and easy pizza-like taste, or something else entirely, these Lunchables are a hit. One Twitter user writes, "The mozzarella and pepperoni lunchables have a grip on me. I can't explain it." Other reviews include users discussing how obsessed they are with the Lunchables, even calling its creation a "genius" idea on the brand's part.

1. Turkey and Cheddar/American

Truthfully, the first place slot was a toss up. Though the mozzarella and pepperoni Lunchables were a close second, the turkey and cheddar or turkey and American Lunchables won out just slightly. The turkey Lunchables come with either cheddar or American cheese, and crackers. This classic Lunchables is a cracker stacker, so you're meant to take one slice of each ingredient and combine them in a stack for the ultimate flavor explosion.

To be honest, a lot of the edge this Lunchables has comes from nostalgia. The turkey and pepperoni feel like the most honest of the Lunchables meats, not serving up any taste or texture issues. For the turkey Lunchables, the cheddar cheese is a better option than the American cheese, just because of the flavor profiles. However, either option is deserving of the top spot in this list.

To sum up the theme of the Lunchables' reviews perfectly, one Twitter user writes, "I don't care how old I get, them turkey and cheddar Lunchables [gonna] always hit!!!" Part of the appeal is the nostalgia, yes, but reviewers agree that this Lunchables is a quick and easy snack that is hard-pressed to disappoint customers. The turkey and cheese Lunchables, though in battle with the mozzarella and pepperoni, are the decided first-place slot due to flavor, texture, and nostalgia.