The Best Cocktails For Cheese Fondue Parties Are Stiff Ones

If it's been a while since you've been on a holiday, then you may be daydreaming about exotic adventures like traveling along the French and Swiss Alps. And if you're a foodie, you may be craving dishes that will make you feel as if you've been transported to these European destinations, like chocolate or cheese fondue. While restaurants like The Melting Pot have popularized fondue for the masses, fondue has been around for far longer than when it first started appearing in chain restaurants. 

Fondue became popular in France and Switzerland around the 19th century. Europeans wanted to ensure old cheese and bread didn't go to waste during the winter when it was more challenging to gather other types of food. Fondue's popularity exploded in Switzerland around the 1930s when the nation's Swiss Cheese Union created a movement that called for fondue to become Switzerland's national dish. Eventually, Swiss who moved to the U.S. shared their fondue recipes in America and this European cheese concoction began to spread.

If you don't have any upcoming trips planned but are looking for an excuse to enjoy cheese, chocolate, and cocktails, now may be a good time to stand out from the crowd and host a cheese fondue party. Thanks to the Europeans, you can ensure your fondue party is a hit by taking notes on what are the most complementary types of beverages. Luckily, they have had plenty of time to determine what beverages make an excellent duo with cheese fondue. 

The best beverages for your cheese fondue party

As warm weather is starting to approach various regions, you may want to get creative and make your cheese fondue and cocktail party a winter-wonderland-themed fondue extravaganza. In addition, you can add a few decorations that will make guests feel as if they have ventured into the Alps. But what cocktails should you serve your guests if you want the best pairing with your fondue? 

Both the French and Swiss suggest that white wine, tea, or kirsch (a clear brandy) are your best bets, as other selections will not mix well with the cheese that is going to sit in your stomach. However, Food52 recommends that stiff cocktails including Manhattans or Martinis also go particularly well with the meal, largely because a cheese fondue soiree calls for a classy, rather than casual, evening; and cocktails work well in this setting. You'll want a strong cocktail that provides less mixer than alcohol content. Other stiff cocktails you may want to experiment with include a dark and stormy, an old-fashioned, or a hanky panky, depending on your tastes.

Choosing drinks to serve at your cheese fondue party

Typically, fondue consists of a mix of different cheeses, wine, brandy, and other add-ons, such as herbs, apples, peppers, meatballs, steak, and bread that you can dip into the fondue. If you have a sweet tooth, you may prefer adding ingredients such as marshmallows or brownies. 

If you're hoping to add a little extra fun to your fondue party, you may want to think up some cocktails that will leave guests feeling satisfied rather than overly stuffed. The theme of your event may help you better determine whether you'd like the beverages at your fondue party to mimic a traditional Swiss gathering or a cocktail party. A stiff cocktail may also be a nice addition to a chocolate fondue recipe or some crab fondue. If you're planning on introducing a theme night, such as a '70s fondue party or holiday-themed fondue party, try introducing fondue recipes and cocktails that mix well with the vibe you're hoping to create.

If you're not feeling the party-planning mode right now, it may be time to visit a restaurant that serves fondue and double-check whether they have some white wine or stiff cocktails on the menu.