How To Throw The Ultimate '70s Fondue Party

Fondue is a too often overlooked dinner party meal. It was such a popular hit in the '60s and '70s, but has all but disappeared from our entertaining repertoire since then. Our cheese-loving selves think this is a very sad story, and are thrilled that today is National Cheese Fondue Day, giving us the perfect excuse to dust off the fondue pot, and put it in the center of the table, filled with bubbling cheese, and surrounded by our closest friends. As fondue is today's national dish, there's no way anyone can judge you for your old-school tastes.

How to Throw the Ultimate '70s Fondue Party (Slideshow)

As far as we're concerned, fondue is the perfect dinner party meal: The ingredients are affordable, there's very little preparation required besides chopping up the dipping foods, and you definitely don't have to spend any time stressing in the kitchen when your guests arrive. Fondue allows everyone to sit down and enjoy a communal meal together, recreating the atmosphere of being circled around a bonfire, toasting marshmallows over the flames somewhere in the great outdoors.

Just because it's National Cheese Fondue Day doesn't mean our '70s inspired dinner party has to be limited to just one course. Let's go all out on this national holiday and create an entire fondue meal. Serve both cheese fondue and meat fondue to create a vague sense of an appetizer and entrée formation to the meal. Having the meat option will also help prevent the cheese from getting too intense and heavy, as it often does. End your fondue party in the best possible way: with chocolate fondue. All your guests will definitely have rekindled their love for fondue when their meal ends with fresh fruit and marshmallows dipped in a steaming pot of rich, melted chocolate.

Be the host of the perfect kitsch dinner party, by creating an evening centered around the ultimate Swiss comfort food, accompanied by plenty of wine, and lots of relaxed laughter. Read on for How to Throw the Ultimate '70s Fondue Party.