What's Going On With TikTok's 'Boneless' Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Boneless chicken? You've heard of it. But "boneless" chocolate chip cookies? Unless you use TikTok regularly, you likely haven't.

"Boneless" chocolate chip cookies are all the rage on TikTok, and plenty of people have shared their takes on the latest trend. Although you might wonder what gives "boneless" chocolate chip cookies their name when they have no bones in sight, the answer is simpler than you think. 

The "boneless" take on the classic treat removes a key ingredient of chocolate chip cookies for a stripped-down version people are eager to try. These cookies require an extra step that everyday chocolate chip cookies don't. But according to a variety of TikTok bakers, "boneless" chocolate chip cookies are worth trying if you're a "dessert purist" with a sweet tooth. Whether "boneless" chocolate chip cookies are here to stay or just another fad, there's something alluring about changing up a classic baked good.

What are boneless chocolate chip cookies?

Does your favorite chocolate chip cookie mix have "good bones?" According to TikTok, it's time to find out.

"Boneless" chocolate chip cookies have everything regular chocolate chip cookies do, but with a major twist — you often won't find a single chocolate chip in this type of cookie. Although there's a slight debate as to whether "boneless" means "soft and gooey in the middle" or "completely free of chocolate chips," many TikTok users skip the chocolate chips entirely and still end up with delicious cookies every time. 

But how do you remove chocolate chips from a treat in which they're undeniably the star? Pretty easily, actually. Many "boneless" chocolate chip recipes involve using a pre-packaged cookie mix, mixing the other ingredients together, and then sifting the cookie mix through a sieve or strainer until the mix falls into the ingredient bowl but the chocolate chips stay behind. (As a bonus, the chocolate chips make a great snack by themselves.)

What do boneless chocolate chip cookies taste like?

The flavors of a "boneless" chocolate chip cookie are up to interpretation, depending on your definition of "boneless." Typically, though, the cookies are baked to be crispy on the edges and soft in the middle.

This texture can give no-chip chocolate chip cookies an extra layer of "bonelessness" as well. Not only are the chocolate chip "bones" of the cookie gone, but the soft center will also make the cookie chewy and easily able to fold in half, the consistency that bakers and cookie-eaters alike often adore. And the flavors hit all the right notes, too — TikTok users say that they crave cookies without chocolate chips. 

Don't want to let go of your chocolate chips? Although the chocolate chips won't add texture to "boneless" cookies — after all, you will have taken them out — the final product will taste more like a chocolate chip cookie than a sugar cookie, which often has slightly different ingredients. Keep in mind that if you strain the cookie mix, you may also still have a little bit of chocolate chip particulate in your "boneless" cookies, so they may retain a slightly chocolatey flavor. Although chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips may sound a bit unusual, if you want to change up your usual baking routine, they might just be your next cookie go-to.