Aldi Wants To Build Brand Loyalty With A Limited-Time Merch Drop

There's no shortage of reasons a person might want to shop at Aldi. While it can be tempting to pull into other, more high-end grocery stores, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more affordable place to pick up your bread and potatoes. Aldi offers produce that many customers feel is the perfect mix of affordable and fresh. And the real reason Aldi is so cheap is because the grocery store offers an intentionally limited selection of generic brands.

Furthermore, the chain has devised a number of different cost-cutting measures around labor and materials costs. Aldi bags cost a few cents apiece, so you'll need to bring them from home if you want to avoid an upcharge. To limit the number of cart wranglers necessary to keep the parking lot free of debris, Aldi requires a quarter to get a cart.

With all of these benefits, it's hard to understand why more people don't shop at Aldi. With that in mind, the chain has designed a line of merchandise meant to increase brand awareness and draw in new customers.

Aldi's new merch is colorful and cheap

In the center of every Aldi lies the so-called "Aisle of Shame," which is generally filled with non-food items and seasonal sales. This would be the perfect location for Aldi's new, limited-time merch drop, which is poised to hit grocery stores on March 22. 

In 2022, Aldi introduced a line of items ranging from water bottles to pajama sets. According to a March 9 press release, the chain wanted to give fans even more reasons to celebrate the brand. Now, Aldi merch is coming back in a big way.

The 2023 Gear Collection consists of ten items. Shoppers could theoretically walk out of the grocery store clad head-to-toe in Aldi-branded gear, from their newly purchased Aldi bucket hats to Aldi slides worn over Aldi socks. If rain threatens to ruin your Aldi apparel, simply cover up with an Aldi umbrella. Keeping with the chain's tradition of low prices, the three most expensive items — a pullover, jogger, and windbreaker — will only run you $9.99.