Is Costco Open On Easter Sunday 2023?

While Easter is known as a religious holiday, this designated Sunday is also a day many families join together to welcome the first signs of Spring over a seasonally appropriate meal. Out of all the ways Americans choose to celebrate Easter, having a family meal is the most popular. 

According to Statista, in 2022, 56% of Americans celebrated the Spring holiday by cooking a special meal. Preparing a holiday dinner on Easter Sunday proves to be more common than a traditional egg hunt or watching a favorite television program. Whether you decide to make a honey-baked ham, roast lamb with greens, or seared pork chops, you'll need to make a grocery run before the big day.

Costco is an American institution for everyday basics and mealtime necessities, especially for those who enjoy buying in bulk to save money and for consumers who regularly host more than a few people for special occasions. There are more than 120 million Costco members in the United States, so many consumers will be turning to Costco to fulfill this year's holiday refreshments. But before you rely on the work-free weekend days to take care of your last-minute shopping, you might be curious to know if Costco has special hours regarding this year's holiday.

Costco's hours of operation surrounding Easter Sunday

As you begin to write out the laundry list of ingredients you'll need for those Easter recipes, you may be curious to know if Costco will be closed on April 9. According to the Costco Wholesale website, the popular wholesaler will be closed this Easter. 

While Easter is a common paid holiday in the U.S., Good Friday, a day of reflection for many Christians, is also a day some employees receive paid leave, while others choose to work. Fortunately for those hoping to make a special grocery trip before the holiday weekend, GoBankingRates assures consumers that Costco will be open on Good Friday, with modified business hours of 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Now that you know you should buy your Easter groceries before Sunday, what day during the week is regularly the least crowded for Costco members? If you want to avoid the crowds, try and get to Costco between Tuesday and Thursday in the early afternoon, before the after-work rush. If you do happen to have only Friday and Saturday to pick up your holiday refreshments, you may want to keep these Costco shopping tips in your back pocket to avoid any weekend frustration.

Strategize your weekend shopping trip to Costco

Even though weekends are convenient shopping days for many consumers, Sunday is the worst day of the week to shop at Costco. (It may be for the best that the popular megastore isn't open on Easter Sunday.) 

If you do need to shop on Saturday, though, there are some things you should keep in mind for a stress-free experience. No matter which day you're heading to Costco, getting there first-thing in the morning when the store is stocked is a safe way to leave with everything you need. Having an itemized shopping list is key, and grouping your necessities by where they're located within the warehouse will help you be more efficient as you work your way from aisle to aisle.

If you can't make it to Costco first-thing in the morning, there may be one benefit you haven't considered. On Reddit, one Costco employee responsible for passing out samples shared the best time to sample the retailer's array of snacks. If you're up for a free meal, head to Costco in the early afternoon on Saturday and you're sure to leave with a belly full of the wholesaler's tasty offerings. If you don't want to join the crowd, place your grocery order online and schedule a pickup time that works for you. Just make sure to reserve Easter Sunday for friends, family, and good food.