8 Celebrity Chef-Brand Knives That Are Actually Worth Buying

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Buying a celebrity chef-branded knife is enticing, but you may wonder if the investment is worth it. Certainly, purchasing good kitchen knives, whether they carry a celebrity name or not, will make cooking simpler, more fun, and safer. High-quality knives are sharp — using a dull blade is dangerous. Knives should feel balanced and comfortable in your hand. If the grip doesn't feel right, the cutting instrument could slip. Worse, you could get a repetitive motion injury if you chop a lot. 

Getting a knife that lives up to those expectations is complicated and will take some searching. Fortunately, celebrity chefs know what they want from a blade, so following their lead could aid you in your quest to find the perfect knife. If these chefs decide to put their names on a set of knives, that must count for something. In fact, many chefs get intensely involved with their partner companies while designing their signature lines. These collaborations have led to some award-winning designs and best-selling knives.

1. Martha Stewart

Some chefs are keenly involved in designing their knives, but it's hard to know how much input Martha Stewart gave as there's scarce footage of her using them. She's busy, after all, running a company that covers projects like managing a New York City coffee shop, publishing magazines, selling furnishings, making TV shows, distributing meal kits, and a lot more. So, she may not have all the time in the world to design knife sets.

Nonetheless, her 14-piece block sets could be a fine gift for a first-time homeowner. For around $60 to $70, you can pick from gray, Martha blue, linen, black, navy, or red handles. That's a bonus because many chef-branded knives come in just one or two hues. The knives are the same as most other sets of a similar size and come with shears and a chef's, santoku, bread, utility, and paring knife, as well as several steak knives. Overall, these knives leave a lot to miss for those who are more serious about cooking.

On the other hand, this set may be more than you need as they are effective for cooking up simpler meals. 

2. Geoffrey Zakarian

"Chopped" judge Geoffrey Zakarian had better offer some great knives considering the show's name. Since late 2022, he's collaborated with Dash to create a line of kitchenware to make cooking healthy food at home more efficient and fun. Together they've designed all of the knives you could possibly need in a kitchen, with prices ranging between $13 and $40. Buyers may like that they don't have to purchase a whole set — you can buy each knife separately. That means you can build your cutlery drawer the way you want it.

Geoffrey's 8-inch prep knife may be the most eye-drawing of his line. The holes along its blade make it unique among chef-branded knives. This feature is helpful in keeping foods like cucumber, onions, and cheese from sticking to the knife's smooth surface. It also makes the knife lighter and easier to maneuver.

Reviews of this knife were mixed, though. Many felt that it was comfortable, sharp, and easy to use. Others felt it didn't compare well with the knives they already owned. This demonstrates that picking out a knife is personal, and the same instrument can feel vastly different in two different hands. It's one reason to select a chef's knife in person from a cooking supply store instead of ordering online.

3. Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry is known for many things, like sharing recipes with her fans on her YouTube channel. So, it's no surprise that she also released a set of knives. 

Ayesha advertises her knives through an Amazon shop. Her three-piece knife set is nice enough and retails for around $45. The stainless steel blades are full tang, meaning that the knife's metal runs through to the end of the handle, which makes them stronger and well-balanced. And if you are swooned by sweet elements, you may be happy to hear that all of her knives are stamped with a little heart.

People who purchased these knives appreciated their keen edges and comfortable handles. So, if you're looking for a more entry-level knife set or for a cute gift, this may be the best choice for you. However, if you're on the more experienced side of things in the kitchen, we suggest you keep searching for that perfect set of knives.

4. Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck has sold plenty of cookware, including knives, on the Home Shopping Network for about 25 years. With such a long history of selling cookware, this chef probably knows a thing or two about quality in the kitchen. 

Currently, Puck's name adorns two six-piece knife sets, both retailing for about $90. Both of the sets include a trio of knives that every chef can benefit from. The first set comes with traditional European knives, while the second set has two santokus — 7 and 5 inches. Santoku blades differ from traditional, Western chef's knives in that they're generally shorter, lighter, have a thinner spine, and have a more rounded tip. They also have little hollows or dimples near the sharp edge to help food not stick to the blade. For many cooks, these qualities add up to feeling more in control.

Customers have expressed interest in Puck's knives beyond the sets mentioned here, which adds to the brand's reputation. One review on the Sam's Club website where his sets are sold says, "Love these knives so much I bought a 2nd set for our winter home and bought the big set too! A couple of my friends liked mine so much they bought this set also. Awesome knives for the money."

5. Robert Irvine

If you've ever wanted to get dinner prep done with gold knives, you should check out Robert Irvine's Cambridge Silversmiths 10-piece cutlery set. On the exterior, the knives are gold finished but are largely made using stainless steel. If gold isn't for you, the set also comes in a black finish. In either finish, the material for both the blade and the handle is stainless steel. The knives are said to be stain resistant, but for the best results and to avoid wearing them down, it's recommended to hand wash each knife. Use warm water and dry each knife immediately.

Another great thing about these knives is how sharp they are. The Amazon description calls out "expertly sharpened edges" as one of the main features. The set is professionally sharpened before putting these out for the public to purchase. Another blade feature is the taper grand that "[ensures] your knives are capable of any task."

The sets retail for around $60 to $80, depending on the finish you choose. A Wayfair customer says, "This gold [set] stood out to me! ... Good grip on the knife handle. Blades are extra sharp." The average customer rating on Wayfair and Amazon tends to stay above 4 stars.

6. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay partnered with Royal Doulton to create a set of kitchen knives. The knives are what you'd expect – sharp, balanced, and ergonomic — but it's the block that is particularly eye-catching. The 14-piece knife block set has every knife you might need to prepare a perfect meal. Like most other knives on this list, these knives are not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed and dried immediately after.

One Amazon reviewer says, "Amazing quality, so sharp, and looks amazing. Great present for my home chef."

This set does come at a much heftier price tag of around $900. That makes it a lot more expensive than most other celebrity chef-branded knife sets that might be just as good, depending on your level of expertise. With such a high cost, this purchase should be considered with a bit more time. If you're an expert in the kitchen and feel like you need the tools to support you, this might be the knife set you've been needing. If you're a more casual cook, then consider a few other sets first.

7. Guy Fieri

We thought celebrity chef Guy Fieri's Knuckle Sandwich 8-inch chef's knife deserved a review as a single knife for its exceptional quality and solid reviews. The knife is among the most comfortable and ergonomic of celebrity chef-brand knives. Fieri partnered with Ergo Chef to bring this blade to the public. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel, while the handle is made of both wood and stainless steel. The item is described on the listing as being "comfortable" and "ergonomic" for those interested in a smoother grip.

A satisfied Amazon customer went on to say how beautiful this knife was and that they have "bought several of Guy's chef knives" yet this one was their "favorite thus far." Overall, most reviewers agreed the knife was of high quality, functionality, and the perfect blade. So, while this is not a complete set, it's one knife you should consider adding to your chopping collection.

8. Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller and Cangshan Cutlery have created fantastic knives together since 2018. Their designs won the Red Dot Award in 2019 and then the German Design Award in 2020. If you want sleek, aesthetic blades that feel comfortable in your hand, Thomas Keller's signature collection of knives will likely fulfill your wildest cooking dreams. 

A paring knife costs about $100, and a chef's knife costs around $200. In the world of knives, Cangshan Cutlery is a big deal, and in the world of Michelin stars, Thomas Keller is one of the best in America. Together, they have designed some excellent knives that justify the price tags. 

The metal of these blades is what makes the knives so unique. The designers chose Swedish Damasteel RWL34 powdered steel as their material, and the blades are forged, not stamped. That means machines or people beat hot steel into the shape of a knife. Other manufacturers use lasers to cut stamped blades from a larger piece of stainless steel. Generally, forged knives are heavier, thicker, and hold their edge longer. 

Buying these knives is worth it if you're an enthusiast, love to cook, and know how to care for them. Otherwise, you may spend more than you wanted on a product you can't fully enjoy.