The Noisy Baking Trick That Results In Extra Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is no debate that chocolate chip cookies are a classic, and there's nothing like breaking a chocolate chip cookie in half to reveal melty chocolate chips that slowly ooze apart. While less gooey chocolate chip cookies can still be plenty delicious, bakers everywhere strive to give their chocolate chip cookies that mouth-watering "melt effect."

Naturally, Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi is an expert when it comes to baking crowd-pleasing cookies, and she recently doled out some advice that will leave bakers of all skill levels intrigued. It turns out that there's a way to pretty much guarantee a gooey chocolate chip cookie — but it might come at the expense of your eardrums for a few seconds. This noisy texture-changing trick is definitely worth a try, though, especially if you typically end up with hardened chocolate chips in your cookies. So say "goodbye" to rock-hard chocolate chips and "hello" to melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Tosi's serving up the pro tips, but this hack is a simple way to ensure a more delicious cookie.

Give your cookies a good smash

Want gooey chocolate chip cookies? Just smash them on the table. Yes, you read that correctly, and no, you don't need to smash them after they're done baking.

Christina Tosi told Insider that she recommends changing the shape or texture of your go-to cookies to make them come out of the oven with that crave-able meltiness, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to bang the cookies on a hard surface. Just make the cookie batter, spread the cookie dough balls on a sheet pan, and a few minutes into baking, quickly smash the sheet pan with the cookies down on the oven rack. 

Although you might wonder how this makes any difference, Tosi says you'll notice a distinct texture on the cookies if you watch them bake in the oven. You should see a "really nice, sort of like almost caved-in cookie effect," which Tosi says will bring out all of that melted chocolate. Yes, this trick might startle your roommates or pets for a second, but without having to add any additional tools or ingredients, it's definitely worth a shot. Or rather, a smash.

Other tips for making the chocolate in your cookies flawlessly gooey

Smashing your chocolate chip cookies isn't the only way to make their insides gooier. In order to make gooey cookies, you can also change some of the ingredients you typically use.

Adding butter to your cookie batter can make for gooey cookies, but adding oil ups the ante. Butter is typically about 80% fat, while oil is pure fat, so make sure that you add in a bit of each. Some bakers recommend a 1-to-1 butter-to-oil ratio for gooey cookies. In addition to changing the ratio of butter to oil, you can also swap the whites of the eggs you use for extra yolks. Whites tend to dry out when they bake, so replacing them with egg yolks could make your cookie chewier and gooier. 

Also, change the sugar composition of your cookies – light brown sugar yields softer, chewy cookies that are more likely to have that delicious melted chocolate spilling out of the centers. While smacking your balls of cookie dough on the table in the middle of baking is undoubtedly the noisiest way, it's not the only way to make the chocolate chips in your cookies melt in your mouth.