Bobby Flay's Heat Trick For Perfect Scrambled Eggs Every Time

There are not many dishes out there that are as simple, delicious, and versatile as scrambled eggs. This one-ingredient wonder can go such a long way at breakfast; that delicate oval of protein transforming into a beautiful swirl of fluffy goodness that can be plopped on toast, paired with your favorite breakfast meat, or topped with whatever delectable sauce you desire.

When it comes to preparing them, it's a subjective process. Everyone prefers their eggs a certain way, right? Some like them cooked to a chewier consistency, some prefer them dressed up with yummy additions, and others like them running off the plate. But if you're the kind of person who answers the age-old question, "how do you like your eggs?" with something along the lines of a "deliciously silky, soft scramble," this one's for you.

Bobby Flay has a super simple trick to achieve that scrambled egg perfection. The celebrity chef, cookbook author, and popular TV personality hosts the Food Network show "Brunch @ Bobby's," where eggs are certainly the star of many dishes. So we can trust him — he knows breakfast. Let's find out how he makes that perfect scramble, every single time.

Don't turn that stove on yet

The secret to a silky soft scramble? A cold pan. In an Instagram video where Bobby Flay demonstrates how to make his Scrambled Eggs with Prosciutto and Focaccia, he calls out that the pan is cold and the heat is off when he first adds his eggs and other ingredients.

Only once he adds butter, crème fraîche, and the scrambled eggs together in the pan does he begin to heat it, stirring constantly and gradually progressing the egg mixture to a custardy, soft scramble.

Why does he do this, and how does a cold pan affect the outcome of the scrambled eggs? A cold pan that's then heated slowly gives you more control. If you dump eggs into an already-hot pan, you risk an almost crust-like film forming around the eggs — that means that the proteins on the outside cooked immediately before the inside of the eggs could catch up. The resulting texture and consistency are definitely not what you want in a scrambled egg.

Bonus scrambled egg tip from Bobby Flay

In the recipe video, Bobby Flay mentions another tip that'll help those eggs become as silky and smooth as possible. You're most likely used to seasoning your eggs with salt and pepper while you scramble them, or maybe as they cook in the pan. But you may want to rethink your order: Flay says to resist the urge to salt your eggs and hold off until later.

He whisks his eggs up (very thoroughly, until any streaks are gone and it's all one uniform color) and then adds in pepper — but no salt yet. He explains in the video that salt can cause the curds in the eggs to become a bit grainy, so he waits until the very end to salt them to ensure they achieve that silky texture that he's going for. With some butter or cheese for ultimate creaminess and Flay's pro tips, these eggs will transform into the perfect scramble.