Tim Hortons Has A Dubious-Looking Secret Menu Pizza (But We Would Still Eat It)

When you think of Tim Hortons, pizza might not be the first thing to cross your mind — but maybe it should be. The chain, famous for its donuts, is full of surprises, including a secret menu that contains a pizza that has everyone talking about how bizarre it is.

Who would try pizza from a bakery? Well, count us in. In a viral TikTok posted by the official Tim Hortons account, a Tim Hortons employee shares how to make the unusual pizza, and it's full of flavors you typically wouldn't see in the same dish, much less on a pizza. It doesn't even necessarily look like a traditional pizza, which is just part of the reason TikTok is up in arms about the creation (The other causes for concern are the mix of clashing flavors in the pizza sauce and how employees even have time to make a pizza when they should be filling bagel orders.) But you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, so we're definitely not going to count this pizza out until we've tried it ourselves.

What's in the infamous Tim Hortons pizza

Tim Hortons' video of an employee making their secret menu pizza has garnered over 3 million views (and more than a few confused looks). The pizza — and the process behind it — is fascinating because it looks nothing like what you would see in your local pizza parlor.

To make the pizza sauce, the employee washes and peels a tomato, chops it up into small pieces, and then microwaves it until it looks similar to a tomato paste, mashing the tomato after it has been microwaved. Then, they add in a ketchup packet, some chili and spicy buffalo sauces, and a bit of salt and pepper. After the sauce is thoroughly mixed up, they spread it on a tortilla, add multiple kinds of cheese, and appear to add some meat as well (though apparently, you can get the secret menu "pizza" with any toppings you'd like). Then it's microwaved on the "bacon" setting, which takes about five minutes. 

We're not sure if anyone actually orders this meal off of the secret menu, but if the TikTok is any indication, the employee's co-worker seemed willing to try a slice of the pizza, so despite the dubious comments about Tim Horton's pizza, it might not actually taste that bad. Some of Tim Hortons' more outlandish items are tasty, so why would this one be any different?

The rest of Tim Hortons secret menu seems much more palatable

The good news is that if spicy tortilla pizza isn't your thing, there are plenty of other secret menu items at Tim Hortons that will satisfy all of your cravings. The chain's secret menu has everything from sandwiches to wraps to drinks galore, so it's perfect for any time of day.

Although drinks make up the bulk of Tim Hortons' secret menu, there are more substantial items featured as well. The Festive White Hot Chocolate can actually be ordered any time of year, and it's joined by the Raspberry White Hot (a white hot chocolate drink with raspberry syrup) and the Cotton Candy Drink (a raspberry lemonade with cream instead of lemon syrup) among other drinks

And the food items on the secret menu are equally mouthwatering — you can ask for your breakfast sandwich on a French toast bagel, order a veggie sandwich (lettuce, tomato, and cucumber on a bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese), or opt for wedges instead of hash browns in your Farmer's Wrap if you prefer the potato flavor to stand out. When it comes to Tim Hortons' secret menu, the viral pizza is (luckily) just the tip of the iceberg.