Wendy's Beloved Chili Is Now Being Sold In A Can. Here's What We Know

Although Wendy's may be best known for its Frostys and burgers, its side items have been a long-standing and undersung part of its menu. Its chili has been a staple of the fast food brand since the chain's early days. Founder Dave Thomas needed a way to use up leftover hamburger meat before its expiration date. He decided to combine the beef with beans, veggies, and spices to create a bowl of chili. 

Wendy's customers have been able to enjoy the chili in a bowl on its own, on top of its chili cheese fries, or as part of the chili & cheese baked potato. Until now, when fans of the food caught a craving, they had to either make a trip to their nearest local Wendy's outpost or find a copycat recipe online to make it themselves.

Fortunately, the burger chain is now making it easier than ever to enjoy its chili, and it will soon be available on grocery store shelves.

Wendy's chili fans will soon be able to get a can

Conagra Brands announced that cans of Wendy's chili will be sold in grocery stores later this year (via TheStreet). The product announcement was made at the 2023 Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference. 

Fans took to Twitter to celebrate the announcement, with one user tweeting, "Saw Wendy's chili is gonna get a canned form. Coming later this year apparently. I absolutely love the way their chili taste. Not spicy but still like the taste." Another post read "In the very near future you will be able to get Wendy's chili from the grocery store and bring it home to your kitchen. 2023 is going pretty well."

The chili is already available to purchase on Instacart in some locations and has reportedly been spotted on Kroger grocery store shelves. The label notes that each can contains 29 grams of protein, and that the chili is made from beef, tomato puree, beans, onions, and peppers. If you aren't able to find Wendy's chili near you just yet, don't worry — TheStreet shares that, in time, the chili will reportedly roll out nationally.