Where Is Bohana From Shark Tank Today?

If you're sticking to the standard recommended schedule of three meals per day, there's going to be a lot of time for you to fixate on snacks. Though a fistful of potato chips or a plastic-wrapped, mass-produced chocolate cake might be what you're craving, your snacks don't have to be overly sweet and salty indulgent foods. Healthy alternatives for all of your non-meal-eating needs have become increasingly common in recent years. In fact, Fortune Business Insights reports that in 2019, the healthy snack market was worth $78 billion.

Several healthy snack upstarts have tried their hand at securing an investment with the "Shark Tank" sharks. Rule Breaker Snacks, a company that makes faux sugary snacks out of chickpeas, failed to secure an offer but has gone on to great success regardless. Peaceful Fruit brought their 100% fruit strips to the tank, but couldn't attract the sharks. Yet, the company continues to sell its all-natural snacks to consumers nationwide. Jackson's Honest, a company that sells sweet potato chips, earned a whopping $1 million investment from Rohan Oza, a guest shark. Another health-focused company, Bohana, was warmly received when it pitched its plant-based popped snack to the sharks.

Bohana brings seed snacks to the tank

Bohana is arguably one of the most unique companies in the contemporary snack sphere. The company sells a line of popped water lily seeds, which is certainly an unfamiliar ingredient for a lot of American consumers. The Bohana website claims there is a myriad of health benefits associated with eating water lily seeds, which are rich in antioxidants and minerals. Additionally, they are plant-based, gluten-free, high-protein, and low-fat.

Nadine Habayeb, the co-founder of Bohana, used these facts to persuade the panel of potential investors in her "Shark Tank" pitch, which is available to watch on the CNBC Prime YouTube channel. She asked the sharks for $200,00, which would come with a 10% share of the company. Barbara Corcoran quickly jumped in. The businesswoman was willing to part with the full $200,000 but wanted a 30% stake. Kevin O'Leary offered a $200,000 loan with a 9% interest rate, but only asked Habayeb for 8% of Bohana. Habayeb deliberated but ultimately went with O'Leary's investment, citing the importance of equity for her company.

Did Bohana plant the seeds of success on Shark Tank?

Apparently, Bohana's appearance on "Shark Tank ” impressed more than just Kevin O'Leary. Habayeb's concise Bohana pitch was voted "Pitch of the Week" by fans of the show. After making his investment offer, Kevin O'Leary donned a chef's outfit to star in a brief promotional video for the brand, during which he munched excitedly on Bohana's seeds.

After appearing on the show, Bohana decided to spice up its seed snack lineup by giving consumers two new flavors — Zesty Ranch and Hickory BBQ. These were added to the company's original pair of flavors, Himalayan Pink Salt and Wild White Cheddar. They also updated their company's bag design to make each serving of the snack resealable.

Nadine Habayeb posted a 2020 update video on her personal YouTube Channel. In the update, she and company co-founder Priyal Bhartoya explained that in addition to "Shark Tank," the pair brought their product to QVC, and sold thousands of Bohana bags in a matter of minutes. Additionally, they tell us that the company grew by a staggering 500% in 2020. You can currently buy Bohana seeds at over 250 retail locations.