Where Is ABS Protein Pancakes From Shark Tank Today?

When it comes to health and fitness, pancakes are hardly considered a nutritious and beneficial food. In fact, one large pancake typically contains 30 grams of carbs, 186 calories, and 5 grams of sugar. Now consider that very few people eat just one pancake, which means that these figures may be doubled or even tripled depending on how famished a person is at breakfast time.

Despite their nutritional drawbacks, pancakes are beloved by people young and old. It was this love of pancakes that led Ashley Drummonds to develop ABS Protein Pancakes, a product designed to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle while also indulging in a delicious treat. As a personal trainer, Drummonds wanted to keep her sleek physique without depriving her body of the foods she loved. She intended her product to be a way to provide fuel for the body, minimize anxiety over unhealthy eating habits, and launch a fitness business. These goals led Drummonds to "Shark Tank," where she attempted to show the sharks just how tasty and healthy pancakes could be.

Pancakes with a little something extra

Drummonds appeared on "Shark Tank" episode 12, season 7 with her partner Josh McClelland. The pair appealed to the panel for $120,000 in exchange for 40% of the company. During the appearance, Drummonds provided samples of her pancakes, which she claimed offered 24 grams of protein and just about 200 calories for an entire serving. She also stated that the pancakes were gluten-free and made from all-natural ingredients.

Out of all the sharks, only Mark Cuban claimed to like the flavor of the pancakes, but not enough to strike a deal (per SharkTankRecap). Most other hosts complained about an aftertaste, as well as dryness. The sharks were equally flummoxed upon hearing the sales figures. While Drummonds claims it only costs from $12 to $14 to create the packs, the pancakes retail for a whopping $42.99. The sharks responded with unbridled dismay at the high price point. However, Robert Herjavec makes an offer anyway, proposing $120,000 for 50% of the company. Beset by the prospect of Herjavec owning half the company, Daymond John offers a $120,000 investment for just 42%. Drummonds accepts and a deal is struck.

Continued success for a health-minded entrepreneur

Although ABS Protein Pancakes experienced a boost in sales after its "Shark Tank" appearance, there's no indication the deal with John ever actually closed. However, the products are available for sale on the ABS Protein Pancakes website, as well as on Amazon. Perhaps unsurprisingly, both sites offer packs for a slightly lower price than advertised during the appearance, which shows that Drummonds was definitely paying attention during the show.

As for the future of ABS Protein Pancakes, that appears to be up in the air. Per a Linkedin account, it seems that McClelland is no longer associated with the company but has been employed as a real estate agent in Florida since June 2021. As for Drummonds, her tenure with ABS Protein Pancakes appears to have ended in May 2022. However, she has since found work as a nutrition coach and specialist. She also has a podcast discussing nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and other fitness-minded topics. While her healthy pancakes failed to make a splash in the fitness community, the setback certainly hasn't prevented Drummonds from striving toward success.