Ranking 13 Brands Of Canned Potatoes From Worst To Best

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Don't you just hate when your potatoes go bad before you use them? If you're tired of seeing them rot on your kitchen counter, consider canned potatoes, which can last several years on your shelf. Another plus to having canned potatoes in your kitchen is that they are already peeled, washed, pre-cooked, and sometimes cut into small sizes, which helps reduce cooking time.

However, some people complain that canned potatoes simply don't taste right. Don't call them all nasty yet though, as some brands are exceptionally good at preserving the fresh taste. When you're shopping for canned potatoes, start by checking the label to ensure they don't contain artificial ingredients like preservatives or colors. They are typically preserved in brine, but you can find brands with low-sodium varieties if you're watching the salt content. To help with your shopping experience, here are 13 brands of canned potatoes ranked from worst to best.

13. Signature Select

Signature Select canned potatoes are at the bottom of our list because, while they do in fact meet the basic needs of anyone looking for whole, sliced, or diced potatoes in a can, they simply do not stand out. Each serving contains 60 calories, 1 gram of protein, and 6% of your daily iron requirements. They are in a brine for preservation and calcium chloride is added to maintain firmness. This puts the total sodium content per serving at 280 milligrams, or 12% of your daily needs. It has no added sugars, and the carbohydrate content is only 14 grams. 

Although Signature Select canned potatoes are Kosher and relatively affordable, you can find others of similar quality for a fraction of the price. While these potatoes may not pack a flavorful punch, you can maximize the flavor by generously adding your favorite spices like paprika, garlic, thyme, and oregano.

12. Hill Country Fare

Hill Country Fare canned potatoes fall under the umbrella of the H-E-B company. The brand produces whole, sliced, and diced potatoes stored in salt water with calcium chloride to prevent sogginess and calcium disodium EDTA to protect the natural color. These potatoes are budget-friendly and easy to find at grocery stores.

Hill Country Fare canned potatoes are a rich source of vitamin C. Each serving provides 2% of the iron and 4% of the calcium an individual needs daily. Those watching sodium content should be aware that there are 280 milligrams of sodium per serving, and unfortunately, there currently are no low-sodium options available from the band.

Hill Country Fare canned potatoes are sugar-free and contain 14 grams of carbohydrates, or 5% of your daily needs. It has 2 grams of dietary fiber, but that's only 7% of the daily recommendation, so you'll need more fiber from other sources. 

11. Food Lion

Food Lion is another popular brand that offers canned whole, diced, and sliced potatoes. The potatoes are vegetarian, contained in salt water, and don't contain artificial colors. The addition of calcium chloride helps maintain the texture of the potatoes, so they're tender yet won't dissolve in soups or stews.

One of the main reasons some shoppers choose this brand is its affordability. Sadly, Food Lion canned potatoes lose a few points for not always being readily available, though. Consumers who can't find it in local shops can order this brand online. 

Food Lion canned potatoes contain 70 calories and 280 milligrams of sodium in each serving, or 12% of the daily recommended value. It also includes important micronutrients such as calcium, iron, and potassium. Food Lion canned potatoes contains 2 grams of dietary fiber — or 7% of your daily needs — to aid digestion and help support gut health.

10. Happy Harvest

This list would not be complete without Aldi's brand of canned potatoes, Happy Harvest. It's a popular choice among shoppers primarily because it offers excellent value at a moderate price. Speaking with Today on why they choose Happy Harvest canned potatoes, one reviewer said, "The price is great and they're as good as any name-brand ones I've ever spent money on." In addition, consumers were happy with the texture of these potatoes and how well they hold up in stews and soups.

Another reason consumers choose Happy Harvest canned potatoes is that they can pass for regular ones. One reviewer on Reddit comparing this brand to fresh potatoes remarked, "They cut out some time and if it weren't for the added salt to the soup I don't think I would have noticed any difference." 

Each serving has 280 milligrams of sodium, 260 milligrams of potassium, .5 milligrams of iron, and 40 milligrams of calcium. Happy Harvest has no added sugars, and its carbohydrate content is 14 grams.

9. Chef's Quality

According to one reviewer on Amazon, Chef's Quality canned potatoes are "very good." This brand's large 110-ounce can may provide excellent value per dollar for many consumers, but aside from affordability, reviewers were happy the potatoes had no blemishes or spots. This may be due to the addition of calcium disodium EDTA, which helps them retain their natural color. 

Chef's Quality canned potatoes contain 3 grams of protein per serving, which is slightly higher than many brands, but only have 1 gram of dietary fiber. These potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, providing 10% of what you need for the day. You also get 2% iron and 6% of your calcium needs. The brand doesn't add processed sugars to these potatoes, keeping the total carbohydrate content to 15 grams. 

Although Chef's Quality canned potatoes have impressive qualities, they're too salty to get a better rating. Each serving contains 370 milligrams of sodium, significantly more than every other brand on this list.

8. Meijer

It's not surprising that Meijer's brand of canned potatoes is on the list because it's both affordable and high-quality. The company partners with farmers to get fresh potatoes harvested when perfectly ripe. They're then swiftly locked in cans with brine until ready for use so consumers can enjoy fresh-tasting produce even when potatoes aren't in season. 

Although some canned potatoes are too soft, Meijer stays in shape even after being stored for long periods because it contains calcium chloride, a firming agent. Calcium disodium EDTA is also added to prevent them from turning brown or off-color. 

As with many of the brands on this list, there are 280 milligrams of sodium in each serving of Meijer canned potatoes. These potatoes provide up to 20% of your daily vitamin C needs in one serving, as well as 4% of  calcium and 2% of iron. Consumers may appreciate that this brand is low in sugar, having less than 1 gram.

7. Giant Food

Giant Food produces sliced, diced, and whole canned potatoes. They're Kosher and made with only the necessary ingredients: potatoes, water, salt, and calcium chloride. No sugars or artificial flavors are added, so they stay as close to fresh potatoes as possible. Additionally, this brand is made in the U.S. and follows sustainable practices.

While price is the main reason many consumers prefer Giant Food canned potatoes, taste also plays a role. According to one reviewer, these potatoes are "A very satisfying product [...] Exceptionally priced and a great value for the money!!" 

Another reason buyers may choose Giant Food canned potatoes is that the company provides for consumers on a low-sodium diet. While the regular can contains 280 milligrams of sodium per serving, the brand makes a version with no salt added, which has only 5 milligrams. These potatoes also provide micronutrients like potassium, calcium, and slightly more iron than some of the other brands, coming in at 6% of the daily recommended value.

6. Great Value

Great Value canned new potatoes are one of the most affordable on the list, yet they don't fall short in quality. Each serving of the whole new potatoes provides 6% of the iron and 15% of the vitamin C you need daily. It also has other essential vitamins, such as 6% of niacin, 15% of folic acid, and 4% of vitamin B6. This brand is gluten-free and Kosher. 

Most consumers love that Great Value canned potatoes taste almost as good as those that are fresh. One reviewer says, "I like to use them when I can't get fresh, and nobody knows the difference." Although most reviews are positive, few consumers have complained of finding mushy potatoes. They may occasionally lose their color as well and turn brown. Another downside is that these potatoes do not have a low-sodium variety and each can contains 280 milligrams of sodium per serving. 

5. Lakeside

Lakeside canned potatoes make it onto the top five because it's one of the few low-sodium brands available. Each serving contains only 140 milligrams of sodium, a significant drop from other brands. The CDC notes that excessive salt intake can be a risk factor for several health conditions, including stroke and high blood pressure. Therefore, this brand may suit people on a low-sodium diet for a healthy heart. 

Despite containing less salt than others, Lakeside potatoes are still delicious. One reviewer commented, "I made a big dish of au gratin potatoes with this. The family loved it. Quick and easy." The brand's potatoes are offered in 105-ounce cans, which make it an excellent choice when cooking for a large family or party. 

Lakeside has a long history of growing and packaging vegetables, spanning over a century. This extensive experience in the food business means the company knows how to keep the potatoes looking and tasting their best. Lakeside canned potatoes don't contain added sugars, so the total carbohydrate content is only 15 grams per serving. 

4. Essential Everyday

Regular canned potatoes from Essential Everyday are much like the others, containing 280 milligrams of sodium per serving. However, many buyers appreciate the brand for providing a low-sodium option to suit their dietary restrictions. The brand's "no salt added" variety has only 15 grams of sodium. These canned potatoes are also gluten-free, which benefits people with celiac and other gut health problems.

Essential Everyday low-salt variety of canned potatoes is rich in vitamin C, with each serving providing 20% of your daily needs. It has iron, calcium, and potassium too. The brand limits the ingredients to just four: potatoes, water, salt, and calcium chloride. These potatoes are vegetarian, low in cholesterol, have only 14 grams of carbohydrates, and no added sugars. Although canned potatoes don't usually contain many common allergens, the Essential Everyday canned potato product page on Innit warns that it may contain wheat. If you're on the fence, go ahead and give them a try as the company states its products are "100% quality guaranteed."

3. Kroger

For a store brand of canned potatoes, Kroger performs surprisingly well among other brands on the market. It meets the simple need for potatoes in the kitchen, whether whole, sliced, or diced. The company gets the best quality produce by partnering with farmers across the U.S. These potatoes, harvested when ripe, are hermetically sealed in containers with salt so they remain tasty and fresh.

The regular potatoes are preserved in brine and contain 280 milligrams of sodium per serving, however, Kroger also has a "no salt added" variety available with only 15 milligrams of sodium. These potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, and also contain important nutrients, such as iron, potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. The low-sodium products have only two listed ingredients: potatoes and water. Shoppers appreciate Kroger's canned potatoes because they're some of the easiest to find and are readily available at local stores. They're also vegan and Kosher.

2. Libby's

Libby's is in second place for the best-canned potatoes, but it's only a hairbreadth from being the best. The company sources fresh non-GMO potatoes from family-owned farms in the U.S. when they're in season. The potatoes are processed quickly after harvest to lock in the natural taste.

Although some users may find Libby's canned potatoes a little pricey, most consumers were happy with the quality. One reviewer commented, "No black spots!!!" And for many others, Libby's is their first choice of canned potatoes. Another reviewer was happy to recommend this product saying, "I love these Libby's potatoes, very tasty and ready to use, the price is great. Also I love this brand, would recommend to anyone using canned goods."

Libby's potatoes are Kosher and contain simple ingredients: potatoes, water, salt, and calcium chloride. It provides consumers with calcium, iron, and potassium. Libby's is committed to sustainability in all its activities, including farming, processing, and packaging. The brand's cans don't have BPA lining, a potentially toxic type of plastic, making them safer for the environment and your health.

1. Del Monte

Del Monte makes some of the best-quality canned potatoes in stores. One of the reasons this brand tops this list is its long-running relationship with family farms in the U.S., which provide fresh non-GMO potatoes. These potatoes are sealed with natural sea salt to keep them tasting great for a long time.

Another reason consumers are attracted to Del Monte is their personal relationship with the brand. One reviewer said, "My family has been eating these as long as I can remember." Another consumer added, "Growing up, Del Monte was always part of our dinners. I use them now for my family meals; you can't go wrong with these veggies." One happy customer even went so far as to comment, "These are my favorite brand of canned veggies. Always delicious and never disappointed."

The downside of Del Monte canned potatoes is that the whole and sliced varieties contain 360 milligrams of sodium per serving, which is high compared to others. However, you can drain the brine and rinse the potatoes to bring the sodium content down if necessary.