Where Is Copper Cow Coffee From Shark Tank Today?

For a long time, many people lived their lives under the assumption that the pinnacle of their morning routine was a cup full of freshly brewed Folgers. However, more people are becoming coffee connoisseurs every day. As such, a simple pot of mass-produced grounds doesn't always cut it. Folks have begun to demand gourmet options from their favorite coffee bean brands. Across the world, demand for a higher-quality cup of joe has turned the specialty coffee business into an industry worth in excess of $30 billion, which is projected to grow to over $50 billion in the next few years.

On "Shark Tank," a number of entrepreneurs have attempted to secure an investment for their coffee-centric companies. And, of course, the Sharks are aware of the specialty coffee industry's rapid growth. Coffee Joulies, a company that sold metal balls capable of regulating coffee's temperature, inspired a bidding war among the Sharks. And Third Wave Water, a tool that allows people to distill the perfect pour of tap water for their home brew, also secured an investment. 

Another company, Copper Cow Coffee, approached the Sharks with an ambitious bean blend, hoping for an investment.

Copper Cow Coffee asked for a pretty penny on Shark Tank

Vietnamese coffee is a dark brew that's historically made in a small metal cup called a phin. It's lightened with a generous dollop of sweetened condensed milk.  Debbie Wei Mullin, the founder of Copper Cow Coffee, wanted to bring this unique flavor experience, which she remembers as one of the definitive tastes of her childhood, to the masses. 

By the time Copper Cow Coffee appeared on "Shark Tank," the company was already flourishing financially. As such, Mullin asked for a $600,000 investment in exchange for a 4% share in the business.

Though several Sharks initially opted against investing in Mullin's company, Robert Herjavec saw potential in her business and offered the full $600,000 investment. However, he wanted an 8% share of the company. She countered Herjavec, but he refused to budge, and she eventually agreed to his initial offer.

Copper Cow Coffee's success after Shark Tank

The two-year anniversary of Copper Cow Coffee's appearance on "Shark Tank" is fast encroaching. Despite founder Debbie Wei Mullin having initially convinced Robert Herjavec to agree to her lofty pitch, the investment fell through after the episode aired. "While we were excited that Robert made us a deal on the show, we ended up not going through with the deal after airing," Mullin explained on the Copper Cow Coffee website. "Still, the experience has been fantastic — so many fans and new customers."

Copper Cow Coffee wasn't set off course by the failed deal and has continued to be a smash success in the home-brew sphere. The company has since expanded its market availability; fans can find the delicious Vietnamese blend at a number of retail locations. Additionally, Copper Coffee Cow has expanded its line of products, which means that the casual consumer can now brew their choice flavor of Vietnamese coffee in the comfort of their own home.

Perhaps the most important development in the operation of the Copper Cow Coffee company happened in its agricultural sector. The company has invested in several programs that are centered around limiting the chemicals used while growing its coffee beans, including one that aims to turn the coffee cherry, which is generally tossed aside during the crop's harvest, into a sustainable fertilizer.