Where Is Frywall From Shark Tank Today?

Cooking a homemade meal is almost always worth the extra effort, but sometimes there are unforeseen drawbacks — like the leftover mess. You might already be in the know regarding the best pan for frying chicken, but you can never quite predict the amount of oil that will inevitably splash out of your cast-iron skillet as those chicken breasts sizzle over high heat. 

There are many ways you can prevent that hot oil from bubbling out of control, such as making sure your food is extra dry before adding it to the pan or even adding a bit of salt to your skillet. But wouldn't it be nice if you had a product that was guaranteed to take care of the job?

Frywall products were invented in 2015 because entrepreneur, Yair Reiner had eventually become fed up with frying mishaps in his kitchen and wanted a real-life solution to preventing those pesky cooking oil spills and drips. At first, Reiner created a makeshift product in his home with silicone paste and paper. After fully committing to the development of his creation, Reiner saw quick success. In just a few short years, he was able to reach the footprint of 55 retail stores and even won a spot on QVC for his product through the "Today" show in 2017. In 2018, he made his "Shark Tank" debut.

What did the Sharks think of FryWall?

At this point in your home kitchen escapades, you don't need to be convinced as to why you should invest in a good cast-iron pan. But when it comes to cooking mishaps, Frywall may be the product you need for a mess-free stovetop. Yair Reiner was set to convince more consumers of his silicone-based splatter guard and needed the help of the Sharks to get his product into more stores. He appeared on the popular ABC show on Season 9, Episode 14 in 2018.

Reiner wasted no time in pitching to the high-profile investors; he was hoping for $100,000 in exchange for 10% of his business. He impressed the Sharks as he explained that his unique product cost $25 but only $5 to make. The successful businessman was hoping to get the production cost down even further with the help of an investment from the Sharks. Each investor was impressed with the Frywall products, and Reiner found himself with multiple offers. 

Kevin O'Leary offered $100,000 for 15% of the Frywall business, while both Daymond John and Lori Greiner offered the full amount for 10% equity. In the end, Reiner decided to opt for Greiner's offer. It came with her mysterious golden ticket, which meant all future orders will be backed by the famous investor. 

Where is FryWall now?

Since scoring a deal on "Shark Tank," Yair Reiner has seen a lot of success with his Frywall products. The silicone-based shield is now available in multiple colorways on the Frywall website and is currently sold in five different sizes ranging from eight inches in diameter to 13. 

If a messy stovetop has been why you avoid frying bacon for BLTs, you're in luck. The Frywall came out on top in an America's Test Kitchen survey ranking various splatter guards on the market. Not only can you buy these dishwasher-safe guards directly from the Frywall website, but they're also sold at various Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond locations. In terms of the company's social media presence, Frywall has a semi-active Instagram account that was last updated in October 2022. 

While there are many other splatter guards and preventative products on the market, no one can duplicate the Frywall. Reiner created a utility patent on the product before building his business to reach mainstream retail stores. With his patent and the support of investor Lori Greiner, Frywall has enjoyed continued success.