The Best Non-GMO, Non-Cellulose Cheeses At Costco, According To TikTok

The subject of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food manufacturing remains a hotly debated issue in culinary circles. GMOs are foods that have been altered on the DNA level to achieve some sort of desired outcome. For instance, farmers can use the process to ensure a bountiful harvest or to ward off nasty pests by using genetic modifications to make plants more robust. As for the health ramifications of GMOs, there's no definitive proof that they have a poor impact on health. However, critics of the practice claim these foods could contain toxins, cause unwanted allergic reactions, or even suppress the immune system.

Food additives, including cellulose, have also been under fire in recent years. Cellulose is a type of insoluble fiber derived from organic materials such as peanut shells or even wood. It's typically added to foods to enhance texture or as a thickening agent. Cellulose is considered safe to eat, but overconsumption of cellulose is associated with gastrointestinal effects including bloating and stomach upset. 

Despite claims about health and safety, lots of people want to excise both GMOs and cellulose from their diets. That can mean being selective when grocery shopping for essential staples, such as cheese.

Just the cheese, please

Costco is known for the many amazing deals it provides members with when buying in bulk. However, the chain has also become a haven for savings-minded foodies in search of non-GMO items that don't contain additives such as cellulose. To this end, a Feb. 11 TikTok video from user @flavcity illustrated one man's search for all-natural cheese products at Costco, with surprisingly productive results.

The wholesome cheese selections include name-brand products, as well as a few picks from Costco's private label Kirkland Signature. Kirkland cheese products include parmigiano Reggiano and organic Greek feta, while the recommended name-brand cheeses include Kerrygold Dubliner and Reserve Cheddar, Emmi Le Gruyere, Fattorie Garofalo mozzarella, and Locatelli pecorino Romano. 

All products on the list lack GMOs and cellulose and boast affordable price points. And, of course, Costco is also home to many other good-for-you products, provided you know where to look.

The healthiest items to buy at Costco

Along with the many treats and goodies awaiting on Costco shelves, the store is also home to a variety of wholesome and nutritious foods. For instance, the chain offers a selection of cauliflower rice that can be eaten on its own or added to traditional rice to boost one's intake of veggies. Cauliflower is a great source of fiber, but it also contains a good portion of disease-fighting vitamins. 

If you're looking for the perfect pairing with cauliflower rice, a bag of tilapia is an excellent selection. In addition to its low price, Costco's tilapia is also a great way to get protein and omega-3 fatty acids without upping the calorie count.

The chain also has a variety of healthy snacks. Unsalted cashews are filling and wholesome, both rich in fiber and healthy fats, which can have a positive impact on cholesterol levels. Additionally, mandarins are brimming with vitamin C and offer a longer shelf life than other types of fresh fruit, provided they're stored in the refrigerator until you experience a snack craving. And if you're looking for the perfect item to take to work or school, paleo bars consist of a few simple ingredients and offer lots of fiber and protein. With such a wide selection of nutritious products, shoppers at Costco should have no problem maintaining their healthy lifestyles.