Flattened Croissant Toast Is The Decadent Breakfast Bread You've Been Missing

Are you ready for a hot take? In our opinion, using bread for breakfast may just be tastier than using it for a quick lunch fix. Don't worry, we've got the evidence to support this claim. One example is cinnamon raisin toast. Then there's bread spread with delicious toppings like sweet jam and avocado. And, of course, it would be a crime to leave out French toast. But while you can make a lot of delicious morning meals with a loaf of bread, there's another avenue of carb breakfast eating you likely have overlooked.

As Bake Magazine reports, 42% of bakeries across the U.S. sell croissants. That means more cute little mom-and-pop cafes sell this French-born treat than they do donuts and bagels. But while you've likely enjoyed croissants stuffed with chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar, have you ever thought to use this pastry for your toast? Because according to The Kitchn, this common bakery treat can open you up to a world of new tasty breakfast ideas. And flattening the pastry is all that stands between you and a delicious croissant toast.

Flatten your croissant to make it into a delicious breakfast bread

The Kitchn reports that flattening a croissant is what turns it from puffy baked good to flaky breakfast bread. As the outlet notes, flattening your croissant before heating it up in a skillet will make the baked good tough enough to handle being topped with peanut butter and bananas. A non-flattened, non-toasted croissant, however, would likely tear if piled too high with too many fixings. And speaking of yummy spreads, by flattening your croissant before toasting it, you'll also have more room to put jam on your innovative toast. So once you flatten and toast up your croissant you'll be able to make countless topping-heavy croissant toast breakfasts without having to worry about your morning meal's base falling apart.

Food Network used its toasted croissants to make French bread. The outlet simply doused its croissant breakfast bread in blackberry syrup, maple syrup, strawberries, and whipped cream. Meanwhile, Philadelphia suggests spreading cream cheese and strawberry jam onto your toasted croissants for a sweet treat. You can also, of course, make a savory morning meal out of your breakfast bread like Gabriella Quille by piling eggs, avocado, cheese, and bacon between your croissant halves. But while croissants can make for an easy and delicious breakfast upgrade, you can also use this pastry in a number of other innovative recipes.

Croissants can do no wrong

We have to hand it to our French friends, they knew what they were doing when they first baked a croissant because these pastries are as delicious as they are versatile. Did you know that croissants can also make for a fancy dinner or lunch? According to ImmaEATthat, you can use this pastry to make a beautiful rainbow croissant sandwich. You only need to split your croissant into two halves. Then, you just have to spread the croissant pieces with mozzarella and Parmesan before sticking them under a broiler. Once the cheese is melted, you can add pepperoni, tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, and basil to your sandwich for a colorful lunch.

And of course, you can turn croissants into a next-level dessert. You can always take My Baking Addiction's advice and use croissants as an alternative to brioche bread in a batch of irresistible bread pudding. And The Happy House Wife reports you just need to twist pre-made croissant dough into a round shape and fry them in a pan, before piling on some cinnamon and sugar to make cronuts.