Where Is Proper Good From Shark Tank Today?

For those who aim to be mindful about what they eat, there are countless healthy desk snacks to get you through the workday. The consumer market for simple, nutritious snacks has been growing in recent years. But if you're on a specialized diet, you might feel like a prisoner in your kitchen as you meticulously prepare your morning, afternoon, and evening meals. Do you ever wish there was a nutritious prepackaged option you could keep conveniently stored in your bag for the days you're too busy to pack a homemade meal?

South England natives and siblings Christopher and Jennifer Jane took a leap of faith in creating a nutritious line of ready-made meals perfect for anyone looking to have simple, healthy options anytime, anywhere. Their business started when Christopher began his personal health journey and found an absence of easy meal options. Christopher and his sister Jennifer moved from selling Montana Mex condiments to creating Proper Good in 2020: a nutritious line of shelf-stable meals sold in clear, microwavable pouches. 

While these meals are technically warm and ready to eat in just 90 seconds, they are also fully cooked and can be eaten cold straight out of the container. The siblings made $1 million in their first year of business, and they decided to take their chances and ask for an investment on "Shark Tank."

What did the Sharks think of Proper Good?

Austin-based brother and sister Christopher and Jennifer Jane made their debut on ABC's "Shark Tank" on Season 13, Episode 2 in 2021. They appeared on the show hoping to receive $400,000 for 10% of their business. The dynamic duo made a splash with their one-of-a-kind pitch and impressive sales since the company's start in 2020. The pair set out to convince the on-screen investors that super fast nutritious meals are even more attainable with Proper Good products.

During their pitch to the Sharks, Christopher and Jennifer impressed the investors with their company's extensive growth, but they slowly began to lose interest when they admitted to losing money every month due to the cost of advertising and acquiring new customers. As the Sharks began to digest this month-to-month loss, Mark Cuban jumped in, offering the business owners $400,000 for 25% of the Proper Good business as long as they were willing to change up their marketing. 

After some conversation and a counteroffer, Christopher and Jennifer walked away from "Shark Tank" with a $400,000 investment in exchange for 20% of the Proper Good business.

Where is Proper Good now?

Appearing on "Shark Tank" and receiving a solid deal with Mark Cuban did wonders for Proper Good. Christopher Jane told Food Business News in 2021 that after the episode aired, Proper Good products sold at an extremely fast rate, surpassing month-to-month sales in just one week. 

Christopher and Jennifer Jane aim to make their convenient meals accessible to anyone needing a fast, nutritious meal on the go. Not only can you buy healthy products directly from their website, but they've expanded beyond their original soup concept to include oatmeal varieties, as well as dry overnight oat packs. The business also has an active presence on Instagram and regularly answers questions in the comments section.

The Texas-based siblings are doing well with growing the Proper Good business; they've even acquired seed money from Yeti Capital and Artisan Group. In late 2022, Proper Good received more than $3 million from the investment firm to grow their business, which includes a recent expansion to Walmart Supercenter stores. Customers who order the bestsellers bundle directly from the Proper Good website will receive a free pair of socks, as well as a free Proper Good meal from select Walmart stores.