12 Healthy Weekday Breakfasts The Whole Family Will Love

As all busy parents of school-age kids know, the morning rush doesn't have so much to do with freeway traffic or a crowded subway car, but with the high-wire act of getting kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door with clean teeth and homework in hand, all before the bus arrives. 

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A wholesome breakfast is easy to overlook amidst the hectic hustle, and packaged breakfast foods promise so much simplicity. However, as study after study has shown, a healthy morning meal is one of the most important things we can makefor our kids.

A nutrient-packed breakfast not only helps kids maintain a healthy weight, it helps them concentrate better throughout the day (research has shown that breakfast eaters do better in math, reading, and even on standardized tests), and keeps them from reaching for junky snacks. Here are 12 of our favorite healthy-but-easy recipes for all-day success.  

Sawsan Abu Farha contributed to this story.