12 Healthy Holiday Appetizers

For once, we’re not excusing the calories during the holidays

Bite-sized tomatoes stuffed with spicy avocado are delicious and good for you, too.

"Oh, why not, it’s the holidays after all." That’s the excuse running through everyone’s head as they reach for that extra pig-in-a-blanket at their holiday parties. Because of all of the cooking, serving, and, most importantly, eating that surrounds this festive time, it’s easy to throw diets to the wayside and excuse away the calories.

12 Healthy Holiday Appetizers Slideshow

But while we love to indulge here and there over the holidays, too, the Cook editors of The Daily Meal are here to tell you that it is possible to eat healthy during the holidays, and we show you how with 12 delicious, and healthy, appetizers. Whether you’re just starting a new diet or have always been a healthy eater, we have 12 easy and creative recipes that’ll satiate your appetite while keeping your conscious clear. Even better, when you’re tasked with bringing an appetizer to the next holiday party, you can bring one of these delicious dishes and not have to worry about those crudité-hater glares.[slideshow:


From simple and rustic to exciting and international, this collection of appetizers is easily passed at whatever soirée you’re hosting or attending, and they still keep the calories down. A stuffed tomato recipe gets a boost of flavor with some red pepper flakes and salty feta cheese, and Swiss chard loses its super-healthy reputation with a little puff pastry. We’ve even figured out a way to take the guilt out of creamed spinach. Read these recipes and more in our collection of appetizers and serve them at your next holiday party, and hey, leave the excuses at home.