12 Fantastic Christmas Cookies

These days, it seems like it's such a challenge to get the entire family in one room, with everyone's lives being so compartmentalized. Well, there's a tried and true tradition that usually does the trick. There's nothing quite like a freshly baked batch of cookies emerging from the oven to make the entire family run into the kitchen.

Everyone loves cookies — the kids, the kids at heart, parents, and grandparents. And we've got cookies to satisfy all tastes — from the quintessential classic snickerdoodles, soft and chewy with a bit of spicy goodness, to our very own molasses ginger snaps, fragrant with notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. For those looking for a fruitier flavor in their cookies, there are these excellent cranberry pumpkin cookies, guaranteed to put a little zip and zing into holiday festivities. And then of course, no Christmas celebration would be complete without warm chocolate chip cookies. Mix and match these cookies, serve them with a glass of warm milk, or perhaps a healthy dollop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Cookies are truly a magical thing. It's always nice to see that after everything is said and done, and there are only crumbs left on the table, everyone always just seems so civilized with each other. It's like everyone suddenly forgets who regifted whose gift. Or maybe that's just the sugar high. Whatever the cause of their mysterious effect, there's no doubt that cookies are always a good thing. Enjoy!

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