12 Cakes For Football Fanatics

It seems many men these days are more excited about the return of football season than they are for the holidays, 54 percent of them to be exact, according to a survey by According to a 2013 survey conducted by Wakefield Research and funded by TuneIn. For those men, the wait is finally over: football season has arrived. Fans love the beginning of the season, as it's a time for hope and excitement and a reminder of why they love everything from the tailgates to the not-so-friendly rivalries. Whether you're an NFL fan or just love to rep your college team, this time of year is for football fanatics.

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In recent years, football has become more than just a game — it's become a way to entertain. And we don't just mean hosting an epic watch party. We're talking about the true fans who love the game so much, even in the off season, that they inspire the whole theme of an event. These are the fans you know that when they plan birthdays, retirements, and even weddings, a piece of the game has to make an appearance. One way to make your favorite fan's event shine is to consider having a signature cake that represents their favorite team and love of the game. 

There is no denying that cakes have gotten a makeover in the last decade. We love our cake-making shows and eat up the opportunity to see the most expensive cakes or wedding cakes inspired by movies. These simple confections have turned into works of art and are completely customizable for any fan. So here, we've compiled a list of some impressive game-day-inspired cakes. But if you're thinking you'd like one of these puppies for your wedding day, make sure the bride is on board, too! Check out these that will make any football fanatics event more special!