Where Is Third Wave Water From Shark Tank Today?

Coffee aficionados have very precise opinions on what makes a perfect cup. Some people swear by a certain brand of coffee maker, while others wouldn't think of using anything other than a French press to make their morning brew. Purists shun chain shops and their whipped cream-laden drinks, while casual coffee lovers look at these establishments with fondness. Other factors are also hotly debated by coffee enthusiasts, such as the type of beans used and the best roasting method.

The water used in the coffee can also influence taste, with good or bad results depending on the chemical composition. Research indicates the best water for coffee contains mineral ions, which cling to compounds in the brew that provide flavor. However, using distilled water eliminates some of the impurities found in tap water that may work against the optimal coffee flavor. This scientific principle was key for one entrepreneurial team, who used it as inspiration to make the perfect water for coffee.

A quality cup of coffee requires a bit of effort

Charles Nick and Taylor Minor appeared on Season 9, Episode 3 of "Shark Tank" to promote their product Third Wave Water. Coffee shop owner Minor was inspired to develop the product after his customers requested a solution to the poor-quality tap water they used at home to brew his coffee. 

Minor explained that by adding minerals to a gallon of distilled water, home brewers would be privy to the same quality they experienced in the coffee shop (which uses complex water filtering systems to achieve the desired taste). The team requested a $100,000 investment in exchange for 10% of their company.

While the Sharks raved about the flavor of the cup as compared to coffee made using tap water, many still expressed concerns. The consensus was that most people probably aren't willing to buy distilled water simply for brewing coffee, which means the product will only appeal to a limited audience. Despite these reservations, Barbara Corcoran offered the team a $100,000 investment in exchange for 33.3% of the company, plus $1 per box sold until she recovered her money. Minor was willing to accept the offer, provided that Corcoran accepted a 25% share instead. She did, and Third Wave Water struck a deal.

Not all deals are designed to last

Spectrum News 1 reports that it wasn't all good news for Third Wave Water after its founders' "Shark Tank" appearance. While Taylor Minor said the product experienced a boost in sales after he appeared on the reality TV show, he also stated that Barbara Corcoran backed out of their deal. Lamenting that he's not yet a millionaire, Minor still expressed gratitude for the opportunities he's been privy to as a result of the show.

Despite this unwanted outcome, Third Wave Water does appear to be thriving in the marketplace. The company website features a wide selection of products, including mixers, cupping spoons, and a TDS meter to measure the amount of total dissolved solids in water. Third Wave Water can also be purchased on Amazon and has an active presence on Twitter. 

While it wasn't the ideal outcome the team at Third Wave Water hoped for, a lack of funding didn't keep the product down.