The World's Largest Wearable Cake Weighs Nearly 300 Pounds

Dessert, meet high fashion. You may have Lady Gaga's meat dress permanently etched in your brain, but bakers are now making dresses out of cake — and trying to beat delicious world records in the process. That's right, there's a Guinness World Record category for the world's largest wearable cake (via Times Now News). While that might seem like a pretty niche record to beat, bakers have been excitedly chasing the "wearable cake" world record — and hoping to beat it.

On January 15, 2023 in Bern, Switzerland, baker Natasha Coline Kim Fah Lee Fokas successfully surpassed the record for world's biggest wearable cake dress (per The Economic Times). The cake dress, which was modeled after a traditional wedding dress, was featured in the finale of the fashion show at the Swiss World Wedding Fair. The Swiss World Wedding Fair showcases the best and newest bridal trends, and it's safe to say that the enormous wearable cake dress made a big impression on the spectators.

How to beat the largest wearable cake record

As with any other Guinness World Record, there are lofty metrics to meet in order to beat the record for world's largest wearable cake. The winning cake dress, which was modeled after a wedding cake, was made out of traditional cake ingredients and was decorated with fondant flowers, but the most impressive part of all is its size. The dress weighed a whopping 135.15 kilograms (over 289 pounds), and believe it or not, it significantly exceeded the requirements for the world's biggest wearable cake (per The Economic Times).

To beat the world record, the cake dress had to meet or exceed a weight of 68 kilograms (roughly 150 pounds). As you might imagine, a dress made out of cake might crumble easily, so there was also a "distance" requirement for the wearable cake. The cake was fitted on a model, who was expected to walk at least 5 meters (over 16 feet) without the dress breaking.

Although this may seem like a relatively simple task, not many wearable cakes would likely survive moving on a model's body. However, this wearable cake didn't break, so it successfully beat the standing requirements for the world's largest wearable cake. Moving a nearly-300-pound cake and keeping it together? Now that's an impressive feat!

Everything to know about the record-breaking cake baker

The woman behind the record-breaking cake dress is Swiss baker Natasha Coline Kim Fah Lee Fokas. She opened her own bakery called SweetyCakes in 2014, and she specializes in making custom cakes (per The Economic Times). There's no custom cake quite like a wearable wedding dress cake, so it's only natural that Fokas is the baker to hold this niche but impressive world record.

Not everyone sets their sights on beating a record centered on wearing a cake, but Fokas' dreams were larger than life. She revealed that she had the idea for creating a wearable cake "a few years ago," adding that working to beat a world record "was a challenge to myself, and it's nice to have it officially confirmed" (per Hindustan Times).

Designing, baking, and decorating such a large-scale cake dress certainly sounds difficult — especially when the dress has to stay put as a person walks — but if there's anyone perfect to confront a world record head-on, it's a determined baker with a dream. Congratulations, Natasha — you did it!